chapter two ➶

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jack waited by the front entrance, where finn told him to wait. he waited for about five minutes before seeing the curly haired boy walk out of the school and over to him. "hey jack." finn said as he met up with him. jack felt happy that he knew his name. "ready to go?" finn asked. jack nodded as both boys began walking. the boys stayed quite while walking. finn was on his phone, texting in a group chat, while jack was looking around at the houses. they soon arrived at finn's house.

finn unlocked the door and walked in. jack followed and looked around, practically in awe. finn's house was huge. the house was probably two times the size of jack's house. finn walked to the kitchen to grab some food before they started the project. jack followed him in, acting as shy and nervous as usual. "do you want anything?" finn asked, turning to jack. jack wasn't expecting him to ask, but he was happy that he did. "um just water please." jack said quietly. finn grabbed a soda, a bag of chips, and a bottle of water before making his way out of the kitchen, and to the stairs. jack followed and soon they were up to finn's room.

finn opened the door, and surprisingly waited, and had jack go in first. jack smiled slightly at this, and looked around his room. his room was almost as big as jacks whole tv room. there was a small couch, a tv, and a huge bed. jack also noticed the posters around his room, and stopped at one specific one and walked to it. as jack was looking at it, finn sat on his bed. "do you like them?" finn said as he saw jack looking at his twenty one pilots poster. "oh uh yea, they're my favorite band." jack said before turning around to face finn. "same here, i really love the album regional at best." finn said. "me too. lovely is probably my favorite on the album." jack said. finn smiled and responded quickly. "me too, i listen to it everyday when i walk to school!" jack smiled a little as he saw how excited finn got. "i don't feel like starting the project just yet, we can watch some youtube on the tv and eat." finn suggested. jack agreed and sat on the floor next to his bed. "dude, you can sit on the bed." finn laughed. jack laughed nervously, feeling a bit stupid, before he got up and sat on the bed. jack was surprisingly calm, even though the two boys barely knew each other. jack thought finn wouldn't even talk to him in all honestly.

the two boys watched youtube for forty five minutes, which is definitely longer than they planned. "alright i think we should start now." finn suggested. "okay, uh what should we do it on?" jack asked. finn thought for a minute or two before coming up with an idea. "wanna do it on the play hamlet?" finn asked. jack answered rather quickly, since he was thinking the same thing. "yea sure, that would be cool." finn got on his laptop to look up the play, then took out his books. jack did the same.

"do you wanna buy the poster board?" finn asked. "uh. i don't think i'd be able to." jack said looking down. "why?" finn asked, before looking at jack. jack didn't wanna tell finn the real reason why, but he felt like he should. "um my dad, he uh he's not really able to drive me. he's always drunk, and he's the only one who could drive me. and my mom, well she passed away, so she couldn't bring me either." jack said before fidgeting with the string on his hoodie, still looking down. "damn jack, i'm really sorry. i didn't know you're mom passed.. and i'm sorry about your dad." finn said, still looking at jack. "it's fine. it's pretty shitty, but school is shitty. so nothing bothers me anymore." jack said, quietly. finn felt instant guilt, as he knew what jack was talking about. finn never really wanted to make fun of jack, but his friends do it, so to keep his reputation, he would be mean to jack once in a while. "jack.. i'm sorry about being a dick all those times. you don't deserve all the shit that my friends and i do to you." finn said in a genuine tone. "it's fine, i'm used to it, don't be sorry." jack said. jack didn't care that finn was mean to him.. he was so in love with finn, that nothing he did ever seemed wrong. "i'll buy the board and some markers and stuff." finn said. jack nodded and they began writing notes.

one hour and thirty minutes passed and finn stood up to stretch. jack was about to fall asleep, so he rubbed his eyes and looked at finn. "you know, school is bullshit!" finn exclaimed. jack smiled and laughed, as he found the comment funny. "and you're just now realizing this?" jack laughed. finn laughed as he heard jack laugh. finn thought jacks laugh was cute.. but he didn't know why he thought a boys laugh was cute. he wasn't gay, so he was really confused. "i've never heard you laugh before, or even smile." finn said. "oh, well, i just don't smile a lot i guess." jack said, feeling a little upset. "well.. you should smile more, you're cute when you smile." finn said.

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