Chapter 22

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Shortly after Quill, and Angus left to go to the store, Ezekiel crept up the stairs to snoop on his mate. He knew he shouldn't, but there was something nagging at him. When the two came back from the pack house, there was a certain air about that which gave him the impression they weren't being honest. 

Knocking on the door, Ezekiel poked his head into her bedroom. Hearing the shower, he was about to close the door, when he smelled something sweet. The same smell that invaded his nostrils that evening in the motel room. Silently closing the door, he locked it. 

Sniffing the air, the sensual, sweet scent of arousal reached him. Stalking to the bathroom door, he slammed his hands on the door frame. Lust building inside him, as he listened in on his mate on the other side, small moans coming from her beautiful lips. Her small groans hitting his ears tightened the grip he had, splintering the wood under his enormous hands. 

Suddenly, the water shut off, and he regained his composure. The knob started turning, and he swiftly got out of the way. Hiding behind the door, his eyes set on his towel only clad mate. Aylin didn't realize he was there. Dropping her towel, Ezekiel couldn't control himself anymore. Putting his hand on the door, he closed it with a slam.

Aylin jumped seeing her mate hiding. Instantly, she tried to cover herself with her hands. The action made Ezekiel growl. "Don't," he grumbled, chest heaving. 

"Zeke?" Aylin was nervous seeing the state of her man. Though they had previously shared intimate experiences, this felt different. Seeing his eyes black with lust sent a shiver down her spine all the way to her toes. 

Coming towards her like his prey, Ezekiel soaked up every inch of his mates naked form. Keeping three feet back from her, his eyes raked over her. "I  heard you," he mumbled. "Picking up where we left off without me?"

A deep blush came over Aylin's entire body, and she gulped loudly. "Y-you heard me?"

Chuckling darkly, Ezekiel closed the distance between them, resting his arms on either side of her head, caging her in. "In fact, I did." Taking a deep inhale of her scent, his eyes darkened further. Bringing his head up again, his eyes plunged into his mates. "Oh, kitten, you don't know what you do to me. I'm almost offended you didn't include me." Words were trying to leave Aylin's mouth, but he silenced her with his index finger over her lips. "Make it up to me, beautiful."

"H-how?" Her voice was wavering with the proximity of her mate. His warm breath on her skin made her shudder. 

Without a word, Ezekiel crashed his lips almost violently onto Aylin's. For a moment, she was stunned at her mates actions, but she responded quickly to his fervor. His hands moved down her body, gently caressing her. One of her hands moved to his waist, while her other arm wrapped around his neck. His tongue was struggling to move past the barrier of her lips; he growled into her, instantly she granted him the access he so desperately wanted. 

Moving his kisses downward, he found the beloved  mark left on her delicate neck. Aylin tensed when his lips feverishly kissed the spot. Loud moans escaped her; her nails were digging into his skin. "You're mine," he whispered, huskily into her soft skin. 

Making his way downward, no area on her small body was left untouched. Running her hands through his soft hair, she pulled his hair slightly when he got closer to her apex. "Zeke!" she gasped. 

Looking up at her, he sent  a sly smirk. "Please, Aylin." His voice was almost desperate, pleading with her to allow him to please her. 

Giving him a slight nod, the smile on his face grew wider. Plunging further downward, Aylin pressed herself harder into the wall behind her, legs spread. A soft tongue starting licking her already wet folds; his hand traveled up her body, between the valley of her breasts. 

The fire in her belly was increasing, and she could barely contain the groans, and moans coming from her. Gripping onto Ezekiel's shoulders for dear life, suddenly, she felt weightless. Reaching his hands under her legs, he hooked underneath, lifting her from the floor, still buried tongue deep inside. Gasping, Aylin held on tightly, closing her eyes. For a brief moment, she could feel how much deeper the soft feeling went inside her, occasionally feeling his teeth grazing her. 

"Oh, god!" she groaned. 

Softness touched her back, and when she opened her eyes, Ezekiel was hovering over her, a lustful look on his face. Sweeping a strand of hair away from her face, he smiled at her. "You really are beautiful, my queen." 

"Take me, Zeke. I want to feel you." Crazed abandon took over all of Aylin's senses. All she wanted was to be with Ezekiel in the most intimate way possible. 

At her words, he dipped down taking her pink lips into a passionate kiss. When pulling away, they were swollen from their exchange. Reaching for his waist, her fingers grazed along his jeans, going up slightly feeling his charged skin. Sparks flew uncontrollably between them. 

Getting off the bed, Aylin admired Ezekiel's muscled body. Sitting up, she went over to him. Lifting his shirt over his head, her hands traveled all over. Trailing her fingers over his toned body, he let out a rumble. Dragging her nose tenderly over him, Aylin inhaled his scent, furthering her arousal. Her senses were filled with his musk, pine scent. 

Aylin's eyes never left Ezekiels as she unbuttoned his jeans, letting them fall to the floor, pooling at his feet. Hooking her thumbs into his boxers, Aylin slid them down, falling onto the pooled jeans. 

Pressing his forehead to hers, Ezekiel could feel her reticence. "Don't worry, baby. I'll be gentle." Wrapping his arms around her, he picked her up, sliding further onto the bed. Leaning on his forearm, Aylin could feel his hardened length near her entrance. Moving his hips, Aylin instantly wrapped her legs around his waist. 

"Don't tease...mmm, oh Zeke," Aylin moaned in his ear, nibbling his earlobe. 

Placing his hand behind her right knee, Ezekiel pushed it backward. Lining himself up with her entrance, the king looked down at his mate one last time. "Are you sure about this?" 

Cupping his cheek, Aylin straight into her mates eyes. "I'm absolutely sure, Zeke." 

With her word, Zeke pushed himself inside, releasing a a deep grunt. Pausing for a moment, Ezekiel gauged Aylin's  reaction to his movement. "Are you alright?" Unmoving, he waited for her answer. A single tear slipped from her eye. "Talk to me, baby." 

Regaining herself, Aylin focused her eyes onto her worried mate's expression. "It's alright, really. I want to keep going."

Wrapping her arms tightly around his shoulders, Ezekiel started slowly thrusting. Wiggling slightly under him, Aylin was getting used to his size. Releasing her leg, they wrapped around his waist tightly. Dragging her nails up and down his back, Ezekiel let out a loud groan. 

"You feel so good," he panted huskily, into her ear. 

Trailing her finger up his spine, Aylin ran her fingers through his hair. "Oh, faster, Zeke!" she begged. 

Obliging, he quickened his pace, still conscious not to hurt the woman. Wrapping his arms under her sweat covered body, he sat them up. Holding tightly onto her mate, she looked him in his eyes, seeing love pouring from them. His green orbs were penetrating through her very soul. Their moans echoed through the room, and for a brief moment they were the only thing that mattered. The fire burning in her belly was just an affirmation that Ezekiel was the only man, wolf, and mate that she ever needed. 

Throwing her head back, every muscle in her body was clenching. All the pressure built up, felt like it was being released. "Zeke!" Aylin screamed out, holding him as tight as she could. 

"Me too, baby."

Coming down from the high, Aylin fell asleep next to her mate. Ezekiel gazed at her sleeping form, smiling down at the woman who would take rightful place next to him. Worry swept over him briefly, knowing he would have to dispel all secrets about his pack. Shaking it off, he wrapped his arm around his woman, and closed his eyes. 

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