chapter one ➶

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early monday morning, the alarm on jack's phone went off. jack sighed before opening his eyes and sitting up. he looked around the room before rubbing his eyes. the day was quite gloomy, clouds in the sky, not an inch of sunlight to be seen. each day seemed to be the same... gloomy and sad, for jack at least.

jack is known as the loner, shy kid at school.. and he's gay. jack found out the hard way that the whole school knew he was gay in 7th grade. his former best friend ellie told the entire school he was gay. jack never found out why she had betrayed him and told everyone. he thought she was the one person he could trust... now, jack is a freshmen, with a few caring friends, and one hopeless crush on the schools most popular boy... finn wolfhard.

jack got out of bed... after about 10 minutes of contemplating even going to school. he knew he would have to make up a lot of work if he skipped, so he made his way into the bathroom, after getting dressed. he brushed his teeth, and didn't bother doing his hair. he sighed once again, before walking downstairs. he looked into the tv room to see his dad passed out on the couch.

due to problems during pregnancy, unfortunately, jacks mother passed away. due to the sadness, jacks father became an alcoholic, and hasn't been there for jack. school is a burden to go to each day, and coming home isn't any better for jack.

jack put on a hoodie and made his way out the door, to begin his short walk to school. jack only lived 10 minutes away, so he walked to school. when he got to school, he made his way to his locker, to grab his books for his morning classes. he thought he was safe to go, but before he could even blink, he felt himself being pushed against a locker. he opened his eyes to see jaedan, wyatt, chosen, and finn. wyatt slapped his books out of his hands and looked at him. "damn you were right jae, the fag doesn't have any friends." wyatt said. jack felt the tears stream down his face. wyatt grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him down. all the boys laughed and carried on walking. "see ya later faggot." wyatt said. jack wiped his eyes, and looked around. everyone was staring and laughing. jack just wanted to run away. run away and never come back. he hated the constant bullying, and he also hated that his crush was one of his bullies.

the day dragged on, and finally jack was in his last period class. he was happy that it was last period, but he had the class with all the popular kids... wyatt, jaedan, finn and other's. mr. carey walked in the room and began to speak. "okay class, this week we will be working on our project on william shakespeare." mr. carey announced. "you will have to choose one thing that i have written on the board, and make a poster board and essay on it. you will be doing this with one parter, and i will be assigning the partners." he said, as the whole class sighed.

the class began whispering about parters, and he overheard wyatt, finn, and jaedan. "yo i hope none of us get stuck with the fag." wyatt said, before looking over at jack. jack looked down and played with the string on his hoodie. "please god, don't let me be partnered with any of them, especially not finn." jack thought to himself.

after about five minutes, mr carey stood up and began to speak. "okay, everyone quite down. i chose the partners. listen for your name, and when you hear who your partner is, please make your way to their desk." he said.

mr. carey began to read names aloud, yet jack wasn't paying attention. he kept zoning out since he couldn't stop worrying about who he was going to be paired with. "jack grazer and finn wolfhard." mr carey announced. jack lifted his head quickly, after hearing his name. "no no no of course i get paired with fucking finn wolfhard!!" jack thought to himself. jack heard everyone's laughter, before finn made his way over to jack's desk.

jack looked at finn as he sat down. jack couldn't stop staring at him. his curly hair, his eyes, his face.. jack was in love with him... "hello... loser? what the fuck." finn said, sounding annoyed. "oh um sorry.. i-i was uh zoned out." jack said before taking a deep breath. "ok well i don't feel like doing this now, so just come over after school, but if you ruin my reputation, you're dead." finn exclaimed. jack nodded and began to pack up his things. "just wait outside by the main entrance. i walk to school so just walk with me." finn said. "alright." jack said, before sighing quietly.

about 5 minute later the bell rang and jack was off to his locker to grab his stuff, and wait for finn.

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