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A doe eyed boy grumbles under his breath as he approached the lunch table, a string of curses escaping his lips as his eyes set on one person.

Kim fucking Jongin.

He hated the tanned male with his guts. His foul mouth, his obnoxious smile, his disgusting fluffy hair made him aggravated. He glared at the latter when he sent him a smirk, his blood boiling up just with the mere sight of him. He scoffs to himself softly before his eyes trail elsewhere, initially landing on his best friend.

Baekhyun chews his gum happily, his arm suddenly wrapping around the latter as he smiles down at him. Oblivious as they are, they were unaware to see two people sitting at the lunch table, hands balled in fists as they witness the both of them.

"Soo, what's with that scoff I heard earlier?" He questioned, eyes situated on him. Kyungsoo mutters a string of curse words before holding onto the straps of his back pack.

"That ass, Kim Jongin. Fuck, I hate him so much! I want to strangle him with my bare hands and dump his body in the Gangnam River!" He exclaimed, his fingers balled into fists. Baekhyun snorts before patting the demon on the back.

"Yes, I am aware you hate him, but you can't kill him. He's my best friends bestie and killing him off will basically kill the giant with big ears. Just imagine killing him in that tiny little head of yours."

"Oh you bet I will." Kyungsoo mutters before taking a seat at the middle of the table.

"Seriously, don't kill him." Baekhyun whispers before taking a seat next to Kyungsoo, the giant sitting across him as he gives him a warm smile. Jongin slides down a bit before he sits in front of his enemy, Kyungsoo ready to leap forward and bash his head against the table.

"Don't kill who?" He piped in, a hand cupped under his chin as he stares at Kyungsoo with a teasing smile.

"The burnt chicken nugget that's sitting in front of me." A serious of oh's and oh shit's were heard as they cackle in laughter. The latter stares at Kyungsoo with an amused expression, his eyes narrowing as he sees the demon crack a small smile.

"Ouch. Tad bit insulting, isn't it? But you know, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can't hurt me." Sehun scoffs, shaking his head as he looks at his best friend.

"Dude, shut up." Jongin mocks a face of hurt, a hand shooting up to his heart as he stares at the younger with a pout. Luhan rolls his eyes before reaching forward and smacking the tanned male softly against the head. Jongin immediately flares at the older, a hand shooting up as he fixes his hair.

"Thank you, Luhan." Kyungsoo gives his best friend a thumbs up before giving a curt nod towards Sehun.

"Where are the other three couples?" Baekhyun asks, turning his head around to scan the cafeteria, his eyes curiously targeting his six missing friends.

"Ah, Minseok has a soccer game, so he's practicing. Jongdae is probably there, supervising or whatever. Yixing is doing some extra-credit project with his boyfriend. Lastly, our Chinese couple. I believe they're at the martial arts club right now, so they must be practicing." Chanyeol recites before taking a french fry and plopping it into his mouth.

"What'd you do, memorize this or something?" Baekhyun inquires, his lips curved into a amused smile. Chanyeol grins widely before nodding, a piece of the french fry sticking to his front teeth. The brunet snorts before telling his best friend.

"Oh shit." He mutters before rinsing his mouth with milk.

"Fucking whipped." Sehun whispers in his boyfriends ear, a laugh being heard as Luhan agrees. The blonde knew that his best friend was undeniably in love with the brunet. It was clear from the start and it became more clear when they all started hanging out together. Chanyeol may not have told him, but he knew right away. He found that spark in his eyes whenever he looked at Baekhyun.

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