Chapter 19

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"How about this one" Magnus holding up a gold dress for Izzy. She jumped and down and went to go try on the dress.

"How about you? Any catch your interest" Magnus asked looking at the dresses.

"No" Addy said sitting up from slouching in her chair.

Izzy came out and had on the gold metallic dress that reached the floor. "I think I'm getting It" Izzy said looking on the mirror.

"Good we are done here" Addy said standing up shaking my wrist

"We came here to buy you a dress" Izzy said

"Then How Come Izzy is the only one buying stuff" Addy asked

"I'm going to chose you a dress and you are going to try it on" Izzy said.

"Why can't Magnus, make a dress thing appear with the cool blue light he does with his hands" Addy asked.

"Because we have everything we need right here" Izzy said shoving a dress into the girls arms. Addy grumbled and walked to the changing room.

She slipped out of her clothes and into the black silk dress. It was a low cute v-neck dress and flowed out from the bottom a little.

"Curse me for being so short and having no boobs or butt" she muttered.

Addy walked out of the changing room and to the two talking people. "There" she said

"Oh Addison you look beautiful" Magnus said

"Addy— your gonna have every guy drooling over you" Izzy said "even Alec"

"Alec's getting married so in less that 24 hours he will be in a permanent relationship" Addy said

"It's not permanent" Izzy said

"Really? Cause the rune proves it quite well" Addy said walking back into the changing room.

She carefully took off the dress and slipped on her other gear. She took the dress and walked out.

"How are you feeling" Izzy asked as the three paid. Magnus got a sparkly suit for a party.

"I feel like a nice glass of margarita" Addy said.

"Okay then, your coming over to my house, I have cocktails, wine, and margaritas" Magnus said as they walked out.

"Ohh, do you have tequila? I feel like some shots of something maybe vodka," Addy said

"Addy, we have the family dinner tonight, everyone is gonna be there even Max" Izzy said

"But... Magnus has tequila" Addy whined pointing a finger at Magnus stomping her foot.

"Addy no" Izzy said as they walked the block to the institute.

"Here" Magnus said making a bottle of whiskey appear.

"Ohh— Thanks" Addy said reading the label.

"Addy, you'll be fine, but I have to go, I hate relationship drama" Magnus said

"Gee Thanks" Addy said.

"Your welcome— now see you two gals" Magnus said making a portal and disappearing through it.

"I wish I could make a portal— maybe I could go to the Bahamas," Addy said setting the dress on her bed. The two girls walked down to the kitchen.

"Oh! Or I could go to Italy, I heard they had great wine" Addy said "or maybe France, I think their wine is good, ohh Mexico, I love Mexican food"

"Will you please stop ranting about different types of alcohol" Izzy said as they walked into the kitchen.

"Well what do you want me to talk about? How my daggers don't match my gear? Oh the handle is to shimmery for my liking" Addy said getting a shot glass.

"What's that?" Jace asked

"Worlds finest whisky" Addy said pouring a shot. She tilted her head back and swallowed the shot.

"Your not of age though" Clary said

"Oh poor Clary, your mother should have showed you the ShadowWorld, you can legally drink at 15," Addy said taking another shot.

"Addy take it easy there" Alec said as Addy took another shot.

"It's so good" Addy said.

"That's enough for you, we don't need you drunk before the wedding" Marsye said coming in with Max.

"One more?" Addy asked pouring another shot

"Addy— no" Jace said taking the bottle.

"Listen to your brother" Marsye said

"Last time I checked, Jace is Clary's brother not mine" Addy said downing the shot.

"How are you not affected yet" Clary asked

"She doesn't get drunk till like her third bottle, which I'm so jealous of" Izzy said

"Yeah so I don't see the problem of why I can't have shots, what's it that Mundanes say? Free country?" Addy said

"Please stop drinking" Marsye said.

"What are you drinking Addy? And why is mom so upset at you?" Max said coming out from behind Marsye.

"It's nothing Max, she's just upset that I like it" Addy explained.

"Is it bad?" Max asked

"Yes" Jace said. Addy shot him a glare.

"Then why are you drinking it?" He asked. Just then, a letter floated down, it's ends slightly burnt.

"What's that?" Clary asked.

"A fire message" Jace said looking at the letter "for Addy"

"Oh by the Angel" Addy said "this Max is why I'm drinking"

Addy opened the letter and read it out loud to the group.

"Addison Blackthorn,
We have received reports from Lydia Branwell, that you were at the sight of Meliorn's arrest against your will.

We noticed you weren't at the trail for Isabella Lightwood, charged pressed by Lydia Branwell.

As we also recall, your Peacekeeper rune was activated at 9:43 pm and yet no full reports were made.

We also shall thank you for dealing with the Seelie Queen on behalf of the New York Institute and the Clave. We are very thankful that you decided to take this into your own hands.

Considering your lack of work as a Peacekeeper, we want you to report to the Gare in Idris, to state your points on why you were in this situation. We will then decided if you shall be promoted or demoted.

The Clave"

"Now can I have some more shots?" Addy asked.

"What the actual hell" Jace said

"Is that what you were doing when you asked me to make sure no one comes to your room?" Marsye asked

"Yes I went to the Seelie Courts" Addy mumbled

"YOU WENT TO THE SEELIE COURTS" Jace and Alec yelled at the same time.

"As a projection, and if you haven't noticed I was actually doing my job and making sure the queen doesn't kill you, so if you're going to get mad at me for saving your asses, then we are going to have some problems, now I have to go to the Gare, I hope your happy" Addy said slamming the letter down. "Because I'm never saving your asses again"

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