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All right, let's up those irons and talk some music. I'll list my top 10 (in no particular order) must-haves for any fellow freaks:

1) Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden - A chapter is named after this one. Need I say more?

2) Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden - The perfect mood-setter for a late-night mine excursion.

3) 2 Minutes to Midnight by Iron Maiden -- Yes, more upping of the irons. A classic.

4) Turbo Lover by Judas Priest - Get old school, listen to this one while driving, and thank me later. Just look at that hair! And those jackets!

5) N.I.B. by Black Sabbath - The more you listen to these guys, the happier you'll be. That's a promise, certified by doctors worldwide.

6) Paranoid by Black Sabbath - The song and the album. One hour and twenty minutes of delicious rocking out, this is.

7) Crazy Train by Black Sabbath - All aboard.

8) For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica - You can't do a heavy-metal playlist without at least one Metallica song. You just can't.

9) Hallowed be Thy Name by Iron Maiden - the song that, for me, defines Joel's crazy final ride through Honaw.

10) Diamonds and Rust by Judas Priest - Bittersweet, beautiful, and one hell of a good time. Listen to these lyrics and tell me they don't make a perfect close for Poor Things: "And here I sit, hand on the telephone/Hearing a voice I'd known" . . . "But we both know what memories can bring/They bring diamonds and rust."


So there it is, my Poor Things Playlist. I think Ash would approve, but what do you think? Better yet, what songs would you throw on here? Share them in the comments!

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