The Black Boarder. I never wanted to cross it again, once was quite enough, but here we were. There wasn't a wall, or trench or anything marking the boarder, but there was elemental power. That was the thing about the Forest Nations, they were the only ones in the world to possess power. Each royal family of the four nations, North, South, East and West, had a kind of power. It was only the royals, but they all contributed a certain percentage to the shields of the Black Boarder. It was called the Black Boarder because you could see the magic, like a black tint.

I took a deep breath, half wondering if I could really go through it again. Up until that moment, it was still impossible that I would be caught. I was confident because of my reputation back in Tsuna and my new found skills... but now that confidence was fading. What if he was going to catch me? He would. There was no way I could do this. I might not be going into the North nation itself, but my appearance and story was known throughout. He would catch me, someone would take me back to him-

"Es!" Draven gripped my shoulders.

I gasped, snapping out of my trance. Draven was looking down at me, his eyes worried. It was still dark and the boarder loomed in front of us. I took a deep breath.

"I'm fine," I said softly, pulling away. "Let's go."

I had to be strong.

We made it to the outpost Trent was at last time, I prayed he hadn't changed. Trent used to be my bodyguard, back when I was a noble lady. He was like my second brother, only five years older than me. Draven went forward first, ignoring my protests. He took a long look into the outpost where two guards sat in the booth. They worked on shifts of 2 days, there was a house behind the booth, over the border, it was just sheer dumb luck that they were both in the booth now.

Both guards were equipped with switches that if flicked would trigger the alarm. We couldn't be seen until we were sure it was Trent, even then we had to deal with the second guard before he triggered the alarm. We didn't even know if Trent was still on guard duty at the boarder... a lot of this was down to luck and praying.

Draven stared into the booth, then made an abrupt signal. My heart skipped a beat. One of the guards was Trent. Oh Lord we were lucky today, but that didn't mean we would stay that way. Now came the tricky part. We got close to the booth, close enough for them to hear us, but they'd have to search a little before seeing us in the dark.

I started humming, as loudly and in tune as I could. I was the song I'd written for Trent's birthday. Both of them rushed from the booth, scouring the darkness, bows and arrows in hand. For a terrifying moment, I thought that Trent had forgotten, then he froze. Without warning he swung out at the other man, knocking him out without the other man even seeing him move.

"Esmaria?!" he called out. "Is that you?!"

"Trent?" I called, but didn't come out.

He scanned the darkness, then dropped his bow and arrow and took a few steps out.

"Es?" he said desperately. "What are you doing? Get away from here!"

"No." I stepped towards him, Draven to my side and everyone else following.

Trent's eyes widened as he saw us. "You're blonde," he said almost unbelievingly. "And you've been working out." He smiled a little to me and my

brother. "But you have to get out of here, before he wakes up."

"Trent you have to let us over the border," I said quickly.

"No, " he said through his shock. "No way. Es I'd rather shoot myself then let you go back there."

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