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after the plan was set they decided to wait until before their leader was due to arrive at where he was meant to be so they set off to the highly locked place where the 'snake charmer' was located with their heads held high and ready to put their plan into action Celestia and her brother hopped off their bikes and grabbed crow bars and walked up to the door before they could sweet pea said to Celestia "you be careful alright" she turned around and kissed his lips "i always am baby" and carried on walking she banged on the door with as much force until she heard sound of civilisation "Fp? your early old hoss"she unlocked the door and opened it "penny" Celestia greeted bluntly "ho merry ho "jughead added in "jughead jones and is this your little girlfriend?" "Celestia jones ACTUALLY" penny looked confused "nice crow bars"jughead smirked "These? Yeah, we brought it in case I needed to pry the door open." they threw their crowbars to the floor with a clatter " Well, are you gonna give me hand with this stuff? Your dad will be here in like what, 15, 20 minutes He probably won't be too happy to see you, huh?" Celestia smirked "I wouldn't worry about that."then jughead said "Neither of us are going to be here."when she turned around all of the young serpents were in serpent masks penny sighs "Is this suppose to scare me?"the serpents began walking up to her" I would not do this if I were you."alarm filling her now a bag was placed on her head just as she said "You are making a big mistake"

when they made it to penny's new home they sat her on the floor and took the bag off her head she said panting "where am i ?" Celestia answered her question bitterly "Your new home.But frankly, Penny, we don't care where you set up shop."jughead began speaking"But it's not gonna be in Riverdale and it's not going to be with Serpents." Celestia carried on "You want to deal drugs, you want to extort people, that's your business.But not on the Southside this belongs to us " she laughed a nervous laugh "you stupid cocky kid Serpent law says you can't hurt one of your own" she said rolling up her sleeve then jughead replied "oh penny i think its time you learned "Celestia yelled "grab her" and the young serpents did as they were told Celestia slowly walked towards the defenceless woman "penny , penny ,penny you mess with one jones you get the whole pit " she hands jughead the switchblade and nods he flips it up and crouches in front of her "that tattoo doesn't make you a serpent " "what are you doing get off of me GET OFF" she screamed in pain after the deal was done penny was passed out on the floor they left her

Celestia walked up to jughead when they had made it back to the wyrm for some cool down time she went up to him and patted him on the shoulder "i'm proud of ya jug i didn't think you had the stomach for it " he smiled "thanks c i couldn't have done it without you " then she walked over to sweet pea and wrapped her arms around him unexpectedly "i love you sweet pea and i thank you for being there for me" he smiled "i love you too" she was interrupted but jughead "hey you wanna have a celebratory dinner with dad tell him the good news " she nodded but kissed her boyfriend first then rode to the trailer park to decorate it while jughead went to pops for food a little while later Fp's children were sat talking when he walked in " Hey, Dad."the two said in unison Fp replied confused "What's all this?" "This is a celebratory dinner" his daughter smiled then jughead created some tension "Penny didn't show up for your pick up, did she? ""No.No, she didn't.Why? Do you know something about that? "he looked even more confused then jughead enlightened him and said "She's gone, Dad.I rallied the younger Serpents, we drove her out of Riverdale." then Celestia spoke up "we jughead plural " she laughed nervously he continued And we got my pound of flesh in the process." the two could see the anger building up in their fathers face "Are you nuts? She will be back, you better believe that."the brother and sister looked at each other then back at their dad "She won't! we were very persuasive.And even if she does, we will take care of it.You,me , Celestia and the other Serpents." then he went on to say " In unity, there's strength." the girl jones rolled her eyes and sighed "Oh, God here we go " and he glared at her "That's the sixth law.While you were in jail, I recited that every day, I lived by that.You want to take my jacket? You want to relegate me to Toys for Tots, fine.But I am still a Serpent, Dad, and this, this life that you wanted to protect me from, I'm proud of this.I'm proud of who I am.You can't take that away from me."Celestia laughed nervously "yeh what he said but i had to do the serpent dance so it was harder for me" and they all sort of giggled "now can we eat i'm starving" they all sat down and ate their food thinking of what happened and that soon everything was going t o be alright

a little bit later Celestia decided to go back to sweet peas trailer because it was too late for her to go back home and she was too tired so she opened the door with her key and let herself in she got undressed and was about to put on one of sweet peas hoodies when "hey there babe what you doing there ?" she jumped so hard she had to hold on to the wall with her other hand on her chest she breathed heavily and though she was going to pass out "fucking hell i nearly died!!" he ran over to her and picked her up "i'm so sorry baby i didn't think it would scare you that much " he pulled her into his chest while she caught her breath then she said "you realise your on the couch now you fucking idiot" she laughed and he tried to object "but this is my trai-" "you mean our trailer i'm here most of the time anyway "he smirked "so is that your way of asking to move in ?" she stood back "hell no sweet pea if we lived together it would be a constant fight of cat and dog me being the dog because we all know my bark is worse then my bite and you being the cat because your a little pussy but the point is we'd be at each others throats " she smirked and he stood with his mouth open and a brow raised "oh yeh you wanna test that theory" he picked her up and tried throwing her on the bed but she clung on "uh uh couch now" she jumped down and led him to the living room hand in hand he took off his shirt, shoes and pants and changed into sweatpants she kissed him goodnight and got into bed not being able to sleep due to the normal warmth she usually did so she yelled "sweet pea i'm cold " moments later she heard running then the door burst open and sweet pea jumped onto the bed onto the girl "i knew you couldn't sleep without me " she giggled as he got under the covers and cuddled up to her and she said sleepily "night night my lil pussy cat " she rolled over and kissed his chest before falling asleep he smiled and replied "night night my chihuahua " she let out a faint growl before falling asleep completely followed by sweet pea kissing her forehead and doing the same as his girlfriend leaving them to lightly snore in peace dreaming away the night

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