Chapter 21

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Confidently knocking on the pack house door, loud voices came from the other side. Peering over her shoulder to Quill, he rolled his eyes. Scoffing, Aylin couldn't help but let a nervous laugh slip. The loud voices continued until Ophelia opened the door, her eyes narrowing down at her. Quill immediately crossed his arms formidably behind his Queen.

"I'd like to speak to Alpha Morris," Aylin's voice was confident, and unwavering. 

Rolling her eyes, Ophelia wordlessly stepped to the side, allowing her and Quill into the house. Everyone who was in the house immediately stopped speaking, all eyes falling on the two walking through the house. No one dared to look at the warrior with the heavy tread behind the small woman. 

The Luna of the Dark Moon Pack knocked on the office door to her Alpha. "Ophelia, I don't have the patience for you, right now."

"Aylin is here," she responded through the door. 

Quill went to say something, but Aylin immediately raised her hand to him, gently touching his chest. "It's alright," she whispered.

A low rumble came from his chest in displeasure with the manner the Luna of the Dark Moon Pack was treating his Queen. Trying to keep his anger in check, Aylin reached back and squeezed his hand to reassure him. 

The door whipped open to an angry looking Daemon, who immediately softened when he saw his first mate. His eyes glazed over, and he looked over at Ophelia who suddenly stomped away. A small amount of satisfaction came across her features watching the woman who stole her first mate away storm away, unwanted. 

"Alpha Morris." 

"Luna Malin." 

"Can we speak for a moment?"

"O-of course," he stammered. 

The warrior was about to come in behind her, when his Luna stopped him. "I can take it from here." 

In a hushed tone, Quill leaned down slightly. "Zeke didn't want me to leave your side. I can't go against him." 

"Don't worry, I'll cover for you. Five minutes, I promise," she assured him, gently patting his chest. "Wait right here." 

Going into the office, immediately Aylin's chest tightened. Maybe it was because she could feel how uncomfortable Quill was disobeying his King's orders. The air was thick with tension from inside the office to outside the door. Glancing at the clock, she didn't have a lot of time to relay Ezekiel's message. He would certainly make good on his word to destroy the pack house if she wasn't back in thirty minutes. 

Daemon settled himself in his brown leather chair, his brow furrowed slightly. He was nervous in Aylin's presence. "What can I do for you, Luna?"

"I'm just here to tell you that the King will be back tomorrow to resume talks with you. That's all." Her words were curt and to the point. She didn't want to spend any more time in his presence than necessary. 

Walking out of the office, Aylin was about to grab the door handle, when his voice stopped her. "Wait..." Daemon's voice seemed strained. "I think we should talk." 

A nervous laugh escaped her. Without even turning around, she answered him. "Sorry, I have to get my to mate." Aylin put emphasis on the last word, knowing exactly how he would react to it. 

"Goddamnit, Aylin!" Slamming his fist on the desk, when she turned, Daemon was standing up, his face contorted in anger. "I want to explain myself." 

The office door whooshed open, Quill ready to strike. "Luna-"

"Let's go, Quill." 

Brushing past him, a low growl was heard in the office, followed by a slightly louder one from the warrior. Without hesitation, he followed his Luna out of the house back to the car. They didn't exchange any words. Catching a brief glance at Quill, she could see his muscles were tense under his shirt, undoubtedly because he knew that he shouldn't have listened to Aylin, and gone into the office with her. 

"Are you going to tell him that you didn't come with me into the office?" Aylin inquired. 

Huffing, he gripped the steering wheel harder, battling in his head over what to say. "No, I suppose not. We'll both be taking this one to the grave though." 

Pulling up in front of the house, Ezekiel was standing outside, impatiently waiting for them. He seemed more relaxed, when Aylin stepped out of the SUV. Walking up to her mate, she placed a sweet kiss on his cheek. "See, I made it back on time." Her sweet tone made her mate visibly shudder. 

"What did he say?" Ezekiel asked. 

Confused, she cocked her head to the side. "What would he have said?" 

"I don't know. I was almost expecting him to try to speak to you about-"

Placing her index finger over his lips, Aylin shushed anymore words that would potentially leave his lips. "Doesn't matter anymore. I simply said you would go back to the pack house tomorrow to speak with him. No more, no less."  

As she stepped into the house, a low growl came from her mate. "Quill, is she telling me the truth?" 

Freezing in her spot, Aylin's heart clenched. Though Quill said he would keep it a secret, would he stay true to his word? Lying to Ezekiel was the last thing she wanted to do. Seeing Daemon did bring up unpleasant memories, but she wanted to keep their interactions short. She preferred allowing Ezekiel to get the information he came for, and leave. 

"Of course, she is. It took slightly longer because Alpha Morris and his Luna were arguing." The words flowed off his tongue so effortlessly, which set Aylin at ease. 

Grunting, Ezekiel followed into the house. Peering around, Aylin's stomach decided to growl uncontrollably. The first time, in a long time, there was true hunger. Since she hadn't been back to the house in so long, the food in the refrigerator was long since expired. 

Ezekiel snickered slightly at his mate. "Hungry?" he jested. 

"Just a little." 

Turning his attention to Quill, and Angus. "Go to the store, and pick up some food. Everything here is probably spoiled anyway. Hopefully the trip won't be too long. Whatever is bought, we can take back with us." 

"We'll leave the warriors outside, patrolling perimeter, then. What about you two?" Quill asked. 

"Who's better to keep me safe than my mate." Ezekiel smiled down at the woman. "Besides, I want to take a shower anyway." 

"Where's the store?" Angus asked, annoyed with his task. 

"Exit the driveway, go left. About ten miles down the road. Can't miss it." 

Bounding up the stairs, Aylin walked into her former bedroom. Gazing around, she saw how banal, and plain it was compared to the room in the castle. Closing the door behind her, the went into the closet, looking for something to wear. Luckily, there was plenty since she didn't take much when she left. Shrugging her shoulders, Aylin decided to pick later. Not like it was a far walk from the bathroom to the closet. 

Turning on the hot water, Aylin stripped out of her clothes, immersing herself under the pounding water. Thoughts of the last shower came to mind, almost immediately. Ezekiel's large hands roaming tenderly over her skin, the way he was touching her, in ways no one had before. Again, she could feel the sensation of a fire in her belly, slowly creeping its way downward. 

A sudden urge to recreate that sensation came over her. 

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