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Chapter 2



I took a shaky breath before turning around slowly, meeting his dark brown orbs. I swear my heart stoped beating and skipped a beat when I caught sight of him. Impossible. He looks even more sexy than last year. He's grown, alot. His shoulder's, atleat seven inches wider. His chest and arms, three inches buffer. His hair, stll short and tousled, as if he just woke up from a night of hot sex. He was even tanner, and his lips....I think I just orgasmed. His usaul signature leather jacket over a white v-neck shirt, with his dark blue jeans hanging dangerously low on his hips. You could see the tip of a tatoo peeking out from under his waist band.

"Hello Angelo." I said, trying to ignoring the crack of fear in my voice, crossing my arms over my chest. Trying to look tough.

His eye's darted down to my chest, staring at them intently. His eye's slowly ran down the length of my body, memorizing each, and every curve.

"Well, Dalila...I must say you look absolutly ravishing. You've changed over the summer." he stated.

I shifted uncomfortably. I've never had a guy check me out. I've never had a guy like Angelo check me out. Leaning off the lockers, he walked closer to me, and I tensed, afraid of what he would do. His muscles intimidated me far to much. He circled me slowly, looking at my body like a peice of cherry flavored candy.

I glanced over my shoulder, peeking a look at Vannessa, to find her staring down, looking frantically in her bookbag. What the hell is she looking for?

"Well, it's good to have you back. I can tell this year will be fun." he stated dangerously, liking his full, pale red lips, before winking at me. Without a word he walked away with his crew.

I let out a puff of air that I was holding since he approached me. People stood there, looking shocked at me. Some girls where glaring at me, and some where staring at me in sympathy and concern.

"God, I though he'd never leave." V breathed out, releived.

"Thank god. What the hell where you looking for anyway?" I asked.

She shrugged and slammed her locker shut, throwing her bag over her shoulder.

"Nothing. Just trying not to make eye contact." she said.

I rolled my eye's and copied her actions, slamming my locker door shut. We trotted away to our first class. I've already memorized all my classes since we got our schedule's, locker combinations, and supply list during this summer. Right now, we have Biology.

We walked into the classroom, and took a seat in the middle. Never sit in the front if you dont want to be stared at, and talked about from you back. The back of the classroom, is a target for all the teachers. The middle is just right. Students filled the class, talking and laughing. Some people on their phones, or reading a book. Typical high school class room.

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