Chatper 3

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(10 years later)

Ozpin point of view

Oz was looking through some files while he drinks his cup of coffe
"Hmm  there has been reports of a weird man with metal like wings"
Oz thought as he sees images of that person,
then he turns on the intercom
"Teams RWBY,JNPR please come to the head masters office I repeat teams Rwby And JNPR please come to the head masters office "
Oz turns off the intercom and waits for the teams

(Ruby's point of view)

Team Rwby And JNPR we're walking to the elevator to the head masters office

"What do you think professor Oz wants ?"

"Maybe it's important Juane
Pyrrha said as she walks

"Maybe it's a mission!"
Nora said excitedly
"We don't know that for sure Nora and please stop yelling "
Ren asked

"Well what ever it is let's not get out of hand"
Yang said as her team and team JNPR groan

"Yang stop making stupid puns"
Weiss said as they reach the elevator and pushes the button or call the elevator

"Let's just wait and find out right Blake"
Ruby said as she looks at Blake but she was to busy reading her book

The elevator doors open up and both teams walk inside and heads to the head masters office

(Mini Time skip)

The elevator doors open up and they walk into Oz office

"What can we do for u professor Oz"
Pyrrha asked as she and the others look at him

"I have a mission for you the mission is to get someone and bring them back here "
Professor Oz said as he looks at them

"Is that all alright what does this person look like?"
Yang asked as she looks at him confused

"I do not know but this might help"
Professor Ozpin said as he pulls up a video and presses play

The video shows a few white fang members and two hostages one female fuanas and one young girl

" mommy I'm scared"
The little girl said as her mother holds her

"Shut up or else you get it"
One of the white fang said as he pulls out a pistol for aims it at them

"Let's hurry up and kill them alre-"
A white fang member was cut off by a laser going through his head

"What the hell who did that?!"
The white fang member with the pistol looks around as the others pull out there weapons
"Where did that come from"
A white fang member said as a door exploded to reveal a man in Black,blue, and red armor with wings

"Who the hell are you!"
A white fang member said as they point their weapons at him

"I.. am... DESTINY!"
The person said as he pulls out a long ranged cannon and shoots it at the white fang

Some of the white fang members were killed by his attack and their was only one left
"Don't come any closer or they get i-"
The last white fang member was cut off but a long blade going through his chest

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