Chapter 10

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Jaelyn smiles brightly as Alissa rides right along side her and Cobalt. Anytime her students make a mile stone it makes her day, but especially when she gets to enjoy it right along with them. Like today, Alissa has made progress in her riding and her confidence so that she is able to ride out in the pasture.
"How do you like the great outdoors," she asks with a wink.

Alissa lets out a school girl giggle. "If this is what you grew up riding in I am officially jealous."

Laughing Jaelyn waves her hand in the air as if to dismiss it. "You have a super cool life yourself! Don't you go wishing for mine."

"You sound like you live in a dirt cave and eat crickets!" Alissa declares barely being able to contain her laughter. Her slight autism doesn't hold back her wonderful sense of humor.

This comment makes Jaelyn gasp for air while laughing. When she has regain her composure she replies, "No, far from it. I love my life, I'm just saying you should love yours too."

When they get back to the barn Alissa's mom and Tyson are waiting for them. Alissa insists on unsaddling and helping put Bob up, even though Tyson offers to do it for her. The couple watches as the mom, daughter pair leave the driveway. Tyson pulls Jaelyn so that her back is up against his torso and his hands can rest on her bulging belly.

"You know, cactus, I think baby is getting a little bit too big to go on rides." He raises his eyebrows and eagerly waits for her reply.

There is a pause before she answers, "You mean I'm getting too big."

He stutters a bit, "Well, I, uh-"

She laughs. "You will be happy to know I don't plan to do much more of it. Even bareback has become uncomfortable."

He isn't sure what to say so he lets a few seconds pass before he asks, "Have you talked to Gary lately? It's kind of quite without him around."

Jaelyn chuckles. "He wasn't that loud, but yes it is different without him around. The only news I have gotten about him, since he left, is what Brooke has told me. She said Peter is in ICU and not doing well."

"That's not good. I've been praying for all of them. It can't be easy."

Brooke waits anxiously for her two best friends to meet her at the local coffee shop for a much needed chit chat and worry release session. Kristen and Jaelyn both are about the same age as her, but yet already been through the whole getting to know you stage of life with a potential romantic partner. Seeking advice from them seems only logic, besides the fact that no matter how much he loves her Jeremiah has gotten tired of the boy talk. 

Only moments after the waiter has placed her iced hot chocolate coffee mix in front of her Kristen and Jaelyn walk through the front door. She waves them over with a relieved smile.

"So, what's the girl talk for the morning?" Kristen prods with a glistening smile.

Jaelyn laughs beside her and raises an eyebrow as if furthuring the question.

Brooke can't help it anymore! All of her worries, thoughts, ideas, and fears come barrelign out of her all at once. "I can't stand it anymore! I want to do something, but I don't know what. He hasn't called or texted much and when he does the news is always the same. It's driving me nuts so I can't imagine how he feels. I knwo it's silly and childish, but I keep thinking he isn't going to want to come back at all no matter what happens." She takes a breath and sighs.

Both of her friends sit with smiles on their faces which only furthers the festering emotions in her. "What is so funny?" she mumbles.

Kristen is the first to speak up, "It's not funny really, I just remeber when I had some of those same thoughts and now looking back it is kind of amusing."

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