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THUNK went the metal bucket as a golf ball dropped into it.

Lester hooked another ball from a nearby pile with the head of his nine-iron. He lined up the shot and chipped it into the bucket. THUNK. "Yeah, still got it." He proclaimed.

Muffled sounds of confusion echoed in the empty warehouse around him and Lester looked up into the eyes of the now awake Lars who struggled with his bonds. " Oh, you're awake." Lester observed. "I wouldn't move too much. You might pull out the pin." Lester pointed toward Lars mouth which had a grenade wedged in it.

Lars' eyes went wide and he struggled even more against the ropes binding him upon seeing the olive drab sphere crammed in his mouth. He tried in vain to spit it out. Lester had secured it in too well. It might as well be a ball gag strapped to his head. Tied to the pin a length of twine dangled terminating in a bucket holding a few golf balls.

Lester chipped another ball into the bucket. THUNK

"Let me lay this out for you Lars." Lester began while tapping the club on his shoulder. "If I put enough of these balls into that bucket by your feet it's going to get heavy enough to pull the pin out of the grenade and, well, I think you can guess what comes after that."


I don't know what the tipping point is in this little exercise by the way. Will it support five more balls? Three? Ten?"


"You set me up buddy." Lester pointed at him with the club. "You know it and I know it." He teed up another ball. "The question is,will you admit it to the authorities and Ares or will your head pop like a balloon when one of the very grenades you helped sell around the world blows in your mouth."


"What's it going to be Lars?"

Lars shook his head violently and made muffled unintelligible noises.


Lester could see the pin shift ever so slightly when the ball dropped into it. "What's that? I can't hear you."


More muffled noises combined with emphatic nodding.


"So you'll turn yourself in and make a full confession?"

Lars continued nodding and made sounds that sounded agreeable.

"A wise decision."


Lester walked over and removed the balls from the bucket, then untied the line form the grenades pin. "I'm leaving that in your mouth by the way." H nodded to the grenade. "I don't have anything else on hand to gag you with." Lester picked up all the balls and placed them into the bucket then he unhooked Lars from the hook holding him aloft. He dragged Lars outside and popped open the trunk of his own car.

"Get in." Lester ordered. He helped Lars climb up into the trunk until he was neatly curled up in the fetal position beside the spare tire."I hope you don't mind me borrowing your car." Lester said before closing the truck on him and got into the drivers seat. He fished his phone out of his pocket and called his lawyer.

"Robert I need to meet with you. I have something that will definitely help with my case." He looked at his watch. "Five thirty? Okay I can do that. Meet me on Belle Ilse. Yeah, by the fountain. See you then."

Forty-five minutes later he stood leaning on the truck of the car waiting for Robert. He didn't have to wait long for the man to pull into the parking spot next to him.

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