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Lester entered the sporting goods store and headed directly to the golf section where he found the cash register and checked the time.Finding himself early he took a look at the golf clubs while he waited. He found a nice nine-iron and gave it a few practice swings.He hadn't played golf since high school and he found now he actually missed it. He placed the club back on the rack then returned to the register. A few minutes later a young man walked behind the counter.

"555-8675?"The man asked.

"That's me." Lester said laying an envelope on the counter.

Mackey picked it up and thumbed through the money inside. After tucking it into his back pocket he pulled a canister of tennis balls from under the counter. "Can I get you anything else?" Mackey asked.

"You know what, yeah, hang on a sec." Lester walked over to the clubs,grabbed the nine-iron then picked up a couple cheap boxes of golf balls, before returning to the register. "I'll take these too."

"Let me just bag this all up for you." Mackey pulled a large bag from behind the counter and placed everything inside. "Here you are sir.Have a good afternoon." Mackey said with a smile.

"Thanks."Lester replied taking the bag. When he got outside it dawned on him that he'd just stolen the golf equipment from the store. Oh well.He thought. No turning back now.He walked to Jackie's car, placed the bag in the backseat, and climbed in the passenger seat.

"Decided to do a little extra shopping?" Jackie asked as she turned the key in the ignition.

He shrugged, "I thought maybe I'd take up golf again now that I'm not going to prison anymore."

"I'm glad you're confident this is all going to play out to your benefit."

"Aren't you?" Lester asked.

"It all hinges on getting him to confess to a pretty big crime that you're already on the hook for. He may not be very willing."

"I'll get him to talk. Don't worry about that. I can be very persuasive."

"What did you buy from Mackey anyway?" Jackie inquired.

"Party favors."


Jackie placed fresh flowers on her table and fussed with the way they were arranged before deciding they were good. In the oven sat a pan of lasagna nearly finished baking just in time for company and filling the apartment with the delicious aroma of a home cooked meal. She spent the whole day cleaning her house to be sure it looked pristine for her house guest. She glanced at the clock nervously noting he would be there any minute. She checked herself in the mirror and adjusted her hair and outfit for the hundredth time. She heard a knock at the door and rushed to answer it. The door opened and she found Lars on the other side.

"Come in, come in." She waved him in. "It's good to see you." She said enthusiastically.

Lars stepped over the threshold and looked around. "Looks like you've got yourself a nice place here. What's that amazing smell?"

"Lasagna."Jackie replied leading him to the living room. "Have a seat. I'll get us some wine." She disappeared around the corner into the kitchen and returned with a pair of glasses and handed one to Lars.

"Thanks." Lars took a sip from his glass.

"The lasagna will be done in a few minutes." Jackie said taking a seat next to him.

"Excellent.I love lasagna."

"Elijah never liked anything I cooked. Ever since he was little I had to torture him with my terrible cooking."

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