Angel Wings

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I feel so light, he thought sitting up, the metal tang of artificial air resting on his tongue. His grey eyes opened at a loss, pools of blood lay around him. He stood up as a drop of something cold and thick fell across his face. Rising his head to a horrific site. It was Livvy her body hung from rusty copper chains, each cuff dung into her skin letting black fluid flow out her veins. Pale white wings displayed on her back but instead of an alluring glow, a malicious aura stuck the darkness. Angelic runes we're slit quickly coving each and every corner the of her wings with blood. He wanted to run, break the chains, yell and scream until she came back, came back and held him in her arms. But he couldn't move. He felt immobile at all costs. Witnessing as the warmth of blue-green blackthorn eye's disappear.
The words
"take me with you",
"don't leave me",
" I love you"
lay on his lips, remaining in his thoughts for eternity.

Ty opened eyes to find tear strolling down his cheeks. Kit his arm's slipped around him, his voice was soft and gentle coating like petals around pollen.
He said.
"It's okay now, I am here just breathe"
He said.
"I will hold you down worry just breathe," He said.

The main word, breathe echoed in his head, written in his memory.

Ty gazed at the blond boy, his cornflower blue eye stole his vision.

"You were crying," He said looking more composed, compressing his face into Ty's shoulder harshly.

"Are you ok? " Kit asked unmovingly

Ty opened his mouth to say something but stopped.

"It's ok you don't have to tell me"

A smile of appreciation tugged at Ty's Neutral expression. Suddenly Ty noticed the window was open, letting buttermilk light through the unbroken mist, paint the floor a fiery gold.

"K-Kit can we go outside?"Ty said hesitant

Kit only smiled at him and then took his hand in his.

Walking through the halls Ty felt insignificant, the twists and turns made him dizzy. He fastened his grip on Kit's wrists. Ty realised they had been walking for at least 30 minutes.

" you know where your going?"

"of co-urs-e , of course I do!" Kit replied instinctively his eyes wild with nervousness.

Ty grabbed Kit and walked a few feet until they reached a large oakwood door with brass doorknobs. Swinging the door wide leading Kit to the pebbled pathway.

"I could've done that" Kit said in a childish tone

"I know you could've this is just a shortcut" Ty said looking over the Meadows. A jealous green dusted the grass with it uneven passion, cold lures of blue attacked the sky with a towering presents. The sharp red of impulse lead them to a tree where apples fell.

Ty sat up against a tree allowing Kit to lay his head in Ty's lap, his body resting in the grass.

"shouldn't your head be in my lap" Kit said trying to get up. Ty pushed Kit back down forcing his head back into his lap. Ty replied with a simple shake of his head. Ty playfully ran his hands through Kit's hair.
Kit smirked at the gesture then said
"like my hair, blackthorn?"

"actually it reminds me petting a cat" Ty said concentrating on the colours of his hair.

"A cat?!?! I remind you of a cat?!?" Kit sulked.

Ty nodded his head "Yes a very feisty one at that"

Kit glared at him then turned himself to face the hills of green grass. Ty continued to play with Kit hair, tousling it up. Ty loved the way the colours in Kit's hair, the way the streaks of champagne gold mergers with sun kissed sunflower yellow, specks of pure gold along each tip of his hair. Suddenly Ty heard a noise...

"K-Kit did you ju-just purr?"Ty asked a bewildered look on his face

"No!" Kit said his cheeks flushing pink. Ty let out a shriek of laughter. Kit looked at Ty indignantly.

"I didn't" Kit said

"Yes you did" Ty said

"No I didn't" Kit said

" I am pretty sur-"

Kit climbed on top of him pinning him to the ground, He began to tickle Ty.

"I am not going to stop until you admit I didn't it," Kit said his gentle hand exploring Ty's body. The two boys tumble down the hill.

"Fine, fi-fine You didn't" Ty lied. His t-shirt pulled up so you could see his untoned skin and his eyes were dazed. Kit fell to aside watching Ty, there was a leaf in his hair. Kit reached out to take it but recoiled. And undemanding tear leaked from Ty's eye.

"I forgot... for one moment, I forgot my worries, my nightmares. I forgot Livvy..." Ty spoke each word emptily still dazed studying the deep blues of the sky.

Kit rolled over and wrapped he's arms over Ty. He relaxed and turned his head slightly to make eye contact with Kit.
Unspoken words skipped though Kit's minds.

It ok to forget, forget and lose yourself in me. I will protect you. Why do you look so beautiful even in your most broken moments.

But it was Ty who's words spilled first.

"What wrong with me? "

You're beautiful, your way too beautiful. that's it, that's what's wrong with you. that's what's driving me crazy! Kit wanted
To say but instead Kit replied"there's nothing wrong with you". Kit cursed at himself feeling like it had been the most cliche thing he had ever said.

"Come on it getting late we should head back inside" Ty said standing up then bending over to lending Kit a hand. But Kit could tell he was upset and did otherwise. He tugged Ty by the v of jumper and dragged him into his lap. Ty startled by this tried to move away but Kit refused and hugged his waist forcing him sit.

"Stay" Kit said bluntly


Kit gave him a face "Don't be difficult Ty".
Ty moved restlessly he wasn't not mad or upset just a bit flustered. "Sit still, it my turn now" Kit said. The tense in Ty's shoulders left, as Kit hands ran though his hair. Ty felt Kit's hands like shocks though his body. Kit was being stubborn with his self trying not to blush for enjoyment and Ty from embarrassment.

"Are you ok Kit?" Ty said awkwardly. But Kit ignored the question placing his arms around Ty's body again.

"there's nothing wrong with you, no one is going to touch you... I won't let anyone touch you. You belong to me. You are mine." Kit stated the words like they were a engraved in his skin. At this, Heat rose to his face, turning red to no end. Kit sensed Ty's slowly detaching his arms from Ty's body. Quickly Ty took Kit's lacing his fingers together as his arm touched his body.

"J-just ho-hold m-me for a-a little longer" Ty said looking in to his lap. At one he settled and fell into further into Kit's arms. They sat there for what was like hours and the moon started showing off, a ring of zinc sliver glinting in the night. But they didn't notice because at one point they fell asleep, grasping for each other their bodies entangled.

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