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Later that week Lester found himself loading boxes with anything he wouldn't need in the immediate future so the movers he hired could take it to the storage unit he rented in the morning. As he went through his belongings he realized he had a lot of crap he didn't need anymore. As a result almost as much got tossed in the garbage as went into the boxes.

He found his high school diploma in with his other important personal documents and asked himself, How did I get here? College had been a shock at first, but he quickly acclimated to the new culture. Though far from a star pupil he passed his classes with fairly good grades with relative ease. From college he went to Ares and he'd been there slowly working his way up the ladder ever since.When he landed the contracts department he felt like he'd really gotten somewhere he could be proud of. He had a few other job opportunities over the years, but he was loyal to Ares and Ares had been good to him. He wished now he had taken one of those positions at another company. Any of them would have prevented the situation he found himself in now.

Lester went back to packing, but his mind remained elsewhere. Who set him up like this. A list of people too long for him to fathom. People in his department, someone in any number of other departments, someone higher up in the company, so many people in so many branches. God,he thought, What if Jack did it?He shook his head. It didn't matter. He would never find proof.Assuming there existed proof for him to find in the first place.Hopeless. The whole situation remained completely hopeless. He continued packing until just about everything he owned sat boxed up and ready to go. He left his chair, the television, and most importantly the beer in the fridge which had become a staple of his daily diet. He cracked one open, got cozy in his chair, the turn on the tube.


Jackie waited on the sidewalk outside Emma's apartment trying to look casual. Her purse weighed a ton with the machine pistol loaded and stashed inside. Her pulse rapid and awash with anxiety she took deep breaths trying to clam down. I'm really doing this. She thought. The whole morning had been spent psyching herself up for this. I'm ready.She told herself. I'm going to put him in the ground like he did my baby.

She'd been leaning against the wall for over an hour playing idly with her phone and waiting for Spoony to emerge. Her feet hurt and hunger panged her stomach. Finally her patience rewarded her when Spoony finally emerged from the building and walked right passed her. She gave him a bit of a lead before she began following him. She prayed her prey would not hop in his car and leave her high and dry. Her heart sank when she recognized his expensive sedan just ahead of him and the lights flashed signaling the unlocking of the doors. He popped open the trunk and retrieved a backpack before slamming it shut. To her relief the lights flashed once more and he continued walking down the street.

With each step her convictions grew with righteous indignation. He would get what he had coming by her hand. She followed for several blocks making occasional turns here and there but determination kept her from losing him. Eventually he ducked down an alley and emerged at the river front where he entered a disused warehouse. She quickened her pace so he wouldn't escape. She opened the door slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible lest she spook him.

Inside she saw him ascending a flight of metal stairs to an office on the second floor with windows thick with grime. She could see the silhouette of at least two other people illuminated by dim lighting within. Slowly sh crept across the ground level until she made it to the stairs which she hid behind to wait for Spoony to come back down.

"Come on Count throw me a bone here." She heard a familiar voice pleading. "You gotta give me more time to get you the money. Ares caught on to my scam and fired the guy I pinned it on. I can't go back to that well."

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