Thank you so much for all your support while I worked on this story. It's taken me almost 2 1/2 years to write it, but I did it. Oh, And though you only just reaching the end, I reached the end at the start of the year. My New Year started with a box of tissues. Because Eric is special. Annie (Farrah) is special.

BLACK & BLUES took me this long to write because I was learning as I went. Also, a lot of the characteristics in Annie/Farrah are from me. How Annie thinks is very much how I think. No, I may not know what it's actually like for someone with cancer, but I've known many who have or had it. Little pieces I get from their experiences, I borrowed. I don't take lightly to anyone who suffers from any such illnesses.

It always inspires me when someone who suffers from illness doesn't let it ruin their life.

Also, give someone a smile. You never know when they might need a little encouragement.

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