chapter 7: Escape

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Hi everyone!! how are you ?

Hi everyone!! how are you ?

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Tae pov

A-h....ash....Why my head was hurting like it hit by a stone I keep my both hands on either sides of head just not cause more movement that cause pain in my head, I just open my eyes and look around this is obliviously not my room the white painted walls ,the long grey curtains and the most important thing is pin drop dead silence in the room .Look like a graveyard only a small bulb and moon light illuminates the room that hitch my breath and cause rapid heartbeat which I recognize easily that is sound of my heart. Where am I?

A sudden flash of me drag by someone towards the car appear in my head and then the only thing I did, I screamed loud enough so that anyone can hear it.

I quickly throw the blankets somewhere and pace toward the door and start knocking it after fifteen minutes hear the turning of knob so I move away from the door when the man I think his name is Zack I hear from the other person with black suit. He came into the room and crouch down in front of me.

What's your problem kid? Huh he ask

Is he not know what my problem, my problem is that they didn't listened my request and drag me here. I thought

Why you not accepting my request just give me some time to study I promise I pay all loans just let me study and bring me back home please I said in calm requesting tone

He tilts his head and makes a sound with his mouth chchchc..... so sad but listen kid it's not funny and easy the way you think it is he said with harsh tone

I just want to free I said

Do you have any sense where you are? He ask in a dominant and aggressive tone

I just want to go back home, i do anything just let me go back to my home I mumble anything he ask in a shock tone

Yeh anything I clean your whole house, wash dishes, cook food and also did laundry I said with determine tone

You are nuts kid so sleep tomorrow we will think about what you do or not he said and left the room not without locking it

I have to do something I can't just sit here without doing anything what happen to my mama is she okay did they hurt her please god protect her you know I have only you and my mother if something happen to her what I do I pray silently

I went near the window and look down it is also lock so I search for a pin that can open the lock I have a pin on my sweater I pick it and try to unlock it and just in few minutes it was unlocked I jump and start walking I am in middle of the garden and tried to hide behind trees when another person in black came and grab my both hands and said where you think you are going? Huh he as with smirk

Just let me go I bite his hand and try to run when more man came and grab me I kick my legs toward them however I didn't know the word about fighting when I only see is blackness and faint there

Why you knocked him again Leo? Zack ask

because that is rubbish and childish that we can't handle one kid leo frown while saying

Just handcuff his hands before leaving the room Leo said

Okay Zack bring jack in the room and handcuff one hand with the bed and left the room

After one day when I awake I again feel the nausea feeling I look down to my hand and it was handcuff I smile because I know to unlock the handcuff learn in my safety class lessons(I actually learn this trick :>) yes I can do this I unlock it by using again that pin and tried to unlock the door to check it is open or not and it was not lock I quickly pace toward the stairs and walk toward the main door and again someone grab my hand what is wrong with my luck

You not listen huh ken said

Why you not act like a small cute kid so we think about releasing you or letting you go why you act like a stubborn child ken ask

I don't know this person name but only this person talk with me in a calm soft tone maybe he understand me I thought

Please kindly I am just asking you to let me free I promise I payback all your loan I mumble

Why this kid have needle on one point when he know we can't let him go until his mother give the loans he again ask but not only ask he use please in his talk first time while pouting and making pleading eyes he j-us-just look so cute Awww what I am thinking, I can't show him my weakness about cute things he thought

Listen kid just stay here till the boss came back okay he ask

B-u-t I interrupt him no but okay just wait till he came he said

He went to his room but I know he is a stubborn kid he tried to escape then I went to my room

I can't sit here what will be my mother doing will she alright, will be she crying? I cant sit here I need me mother

I look down the window there is a person standing there and the room is not only lock but also one person standing outside of my room.

I should sleep to think better idea I went to washroom when I feel cold suddenly like cold wind pass beside me I look for the source of cold chills and see what I found a hole from where I can easily pass .

I just stand on the comport and tried to put my upper boy in it and the I jump and it's the back side of the mansion I think I quickly walk fast when I hear rustling of leaves and grass I quickly hide behind the statue after seconds the sound had gone I put my hand on my chest to calm my breathing because if they caught me they literally kill me. I tried to walk again when a hand grab my wrist and put a hand on mouth to stop me from scream because I am really scared that a scream came from my mouth automatically. Be a good boy cutie..someone whisper near my ear that are the last word I hear before everything turn black.

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