Yes, I'm different, but he loves me [Chapter Five]

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<P>Enjoy Chapter 5.</P>

<P>--Ariane's P.O.V--</P>

<P>I laid down in my freash, sex free bedding and sighed. I still can't believe Jaymee would do that to me. I felt a presence lay down beside me, but continued in my own thoughts. I groaned, realizing that Stephen was with me, and I totally must be completely boring right now. You know what, this Jaymee matter could be dealt with tomorrow. Right now, I'm getting even more drunk. I need it. I turned over to Stephen who had a small smile playing on his lips. I lifted my eye brows, he chuckled and pulled me ontop of him. " You know, you look adorable when you are deep in thought." He said. I looked down at him and raised my eye brows once again, " I also love how every time you lift your eyebrows, your eyebrow ring pops out." I giggled and slapped him playfully. He grabbed my wrists and pulled them above his head, pulling me down so our lips were almost touching. I brushed his lips lightly and smiled against his lips when he moaned lightly. His grip on my wrists loosened, so I took this as the opportunity to run. I jumped up, and bolted off my bed, hiding in my large walk in closet. I heard him groan and get off my bed. If he was trying to be quiet, he was really bad at it. I tried holding in my laughter, but my laughter beat me. I started giggling as he walked up to the door, came in the closet and saw me hiding under a shelf. "Wow Ariane, you could have at least chosen a better hiding spot." He said, with that sexy smirk playing on his lips. I bit my lower lip and clicked my tongue ring on my teeth. I walked up to Stephen and wrapped my arms around his neck, " I want to try something." I whispered in his ear, and felt his body shiver against mine. " Anything for you." He replied practically breathless. I kissed him lightly, sliding my tongue along his lower lip. This was the first time we actually made out with tongue. He almost seemed as if he hesitated at first, but granted my entry. I slid my tongue in his delicious mouth, exploring his mouth. I soon found his tongue and started playing with his toungue ring. He caught onto what I was doing, and soon started playing with my tongue ring. We broke apart at the same time for air, breathing hard. He licked his lips and smirked at me, " You're a fiesty little one aren't you." I could feel the brush on my cheeks and walked right past him, trying to hide my embarrassment. I walked to my bed side table and turned on my stereo and took a swig of the tequila. If I Had You by Adam Lambert started playing and I heard a low chuckle. " What's so funny?" I said, with eyebrows raised. "Nothing, just that I think Adam Lambert is amazing singer. And no, I am not gay." I giggled and tossed him the tequila bottle. He gladly took a shot and tossed it back. I turned the volume up and walked towards Stephen, slowly grinding my hips against him. If I was sober, I would have never thought of doing this. Ahh the wonders of tequila.</P>

<P>--Stephen's P.O.V--</P>

<P>Ariane took one last shot of the tequila finishing the bottle off. Damn, this girl drives me crazy. There is no way I would let any other girl get my this drunk. I was feeling good, and I could tell that Ariane was too. She turned the music up and headed towards me. A million thoughts shot through my head about what she was doing. She smirked at me, and turned around, putting my hands on her waist. She slowly started moving her hips to the beat of this music. I sucked in a sharp breath when I felt her amazing behind rubbing against my member. I started moving with her, and before we knew it, we were both dancing as if we were in the club. Beside You by Marianas Trench started playing, and Ariane turned to face me. I really took in every feature of her at that moment. Her long blonde hair and loose spiral curls in it, and when the light hit her hair, it made it shine like crazy. Her eyes had smokey shadow and black liner and mascara. The black made her eyes look bigger and pop out more. I looked down to her lucious pink lips. They always looked moist, she wouldn't need lipgloss ever. My gaze when to her neck and the shirt she was wearing. It was a tight red tank top that pushed her chest up and made them look huge. When I saw "look" huge I mean I haven't seen them without anything on them yet, so how am I to know if its all real. The things Victoria's Secret and other stores come out with now a days make it almost impossible to know if everything is real. I kept going down and finished at her ripped skinny jeans and white flats. "So do I pass the inspection." She said with a small smirk on her lips. I noticed then that we were slow dancing. I felt my cheeks get red and she giggled when she saw I knew I was caught. I pulled her face closer, and grazed my lips along hers and got a much needed moan from her. She threw herself on me, kissing me rough, but yet romantic some what at the same time. She pushed me on her bed, and I chuckled knowing what was about to happen. </P>

<P>--Rory's P.O.V--</P>

<P>I could hear my cell phone, but could not find it at all. The blonde bimbo sitting on me didn't help. "Baby, just ignore it." She whined. I groaned as she kissed my neck, with light bites. I decided to ignore it, but it kept ringing and ringing. "I'm sorry, but I won't be able to get in the mood if that fucking thing continues to ring." I said as I slid her off my lap. She pouted and crossed her arms. I finally found my phone, and answered it. "Hi there, may I speak to Mr. Rory Light please ?" Said a man who sounded to be some where in his late 30's to early 40's. "Speaking ?" I answered casually. " Well its Officer Monton sir, a year ago, when your sister was raped by a Mr. Carson Scaffer, we found that he had fled. We had continued to try and look for him, but to no avail. But recently, about 3 hours ago to be exact, we found his body. Outside of a small town, across the country in a ditch. He seemed to have been brutally murdered. We are working to find out who did this, and have called you to inform you of the lost of a old friend. We also have called to inform you, that whomever did this to Carson, seems to have done it out of revenge. Now we aren't sure if it was one of you people who were on Ariane's side, or someone who is after Ariane again. We are sending sqauds to keep an eye on you and your sister's but we called to just warn you." Everything that Officer Monton just said to me was running threw my head at the speed of light. "U-um thank y-you." I said and hung up. Kacey whined again, but I had her tuned out. I had to tell Ariane and Stephen. I ran up to her room and stopped dead in my tracks when I heard moaning. " Oh god Stephen, don't stop." I heard A moan and Stephen answer with groan an a " Fuck Ariane, I'm never going to stop." I gagged and knew that I had to break this up any way. I knocked on the door and heard Stephen swear, and Ariane's bed sqeaking. "Are you decent !" I hollared. I heard a groan and a small yes. I stormed in and looked at my sister and bestfriend, with sex hair and sweat every where. " I don't even have time right now to be mad at the fact that my bestfriend just started dating my sister today and they already fucked ! I got a call from Officer Monton, they found Carson, dead in a ditch across the country. But they believe someone is after you Araine." I heard her suck in breath and her face went blank. I saw Stephen lean over her, trying to talk to her, when my cell started ringing. "Rory, it's Officer Monton, we found a letter inside the body of Carson. I was correct when I told you someone else was after Ariane. It reads, "Forever and always Araine and _ _ _ _ _. Who ever has hurt my Ariane is up for a world of pain and death. But revenge will also be brought to the boy who stole her and to her, who agreed to be with him." I dropped my phone and noticed that Ariane had heard every word. " What the fuck !" She screamed.</P>

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