Savannah's POV

Blood, blood and pain was all I could register. I tried to open my eyes, but they felt as heavy as bricks and wouldn't budge.

"How long do you think the transition will last?" I heard faintly across the room.

"It's hard to tell, she's shifting three years later," someone replied and I had to refrain from screaming, yelling out for them to help me. The pain was excruciating and I could hardly stand it any longer. I knew that if i screamed or made a noise it wouldn't help me at all. I had been warned about the pain, and I was determined to stay quiet.

"Julie, what does her being a late bloomer mean?" the first person asked, and I too wondered why the change was just now happening. A sharp pain entered my spine and I felt it extending, pain getting worse as it did so.

"It most likely means she's going to be a very strong she-wolf," Julie explained, and the second voice finally registered as my father speaking.

"I would expect her to be strong, I am the alpha of the pack," he said, his voice strained.

"Greg, remember the last she-wolf who didn't shift until she was sixteen?" another voice asked, and I recognized the soft tone as my mother's voice.

"You don't think she's a white she-wolf, do you?" he asked, strain even clearer in his voice.

A silence filled the air before Julie answered, "Yes, I do." I groaned internally as the pain intensified. I knew it was nearing the time where I would be fully shifted. I just wanted the pain to end, and to find out what my family was talking about with Julie. The white she-wolf was never mentioned to me before this, and I don't think they knew I could hear them throughout this process. I wished that when this was done I would get answers, but I knew that was hardly possible.

I bit my tongue as the biggest wave of pain washed over me, it began to intensify and I started to feel a haze wash over me. I saw images flash before my eyes, mostly images of a black wolf and I wondered what that meant as I began to black out.

Here's a little dabble of something that was in my head. If you enjoy it, let me know. I know it's not much to go by yet, but I'll upload chapter one soon so there's more to go by.

thanks! :)

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