Chapter 26 - visiting OXFORD with Jason

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I can feel my throat thickening, so I don’t attempt speech. I nod my head.

Jason brings his mouth to my forehead and kisses me there. I close my eyes, my chest feeling too full…with everything.

“So, it’s settled. You’ll come with me to Oxford.” He tips my chin up with his hand and kisses me once more on the lips.

Then, he gets up from the bed. “I’ll make us breakfast,” he says, pulling some black pajama pants from the drawer and putting them on. “After breakfast, we can swing by the hotel, you can pack a bag for the weekend, and then we’ll head to Grandpa’s place. Scrambled eggs and bacon good for you?”

I feel mute. Because I’m feeling too much.

“Eggs and bacon are fine,” I force out the words.

Jason heads for the door. “I’ll get breakfast started, and you can get your hot arse out of bed and make the coffee.” He tosses a smile back at me before leaving the room.

I push myself up in bed and just sit there for a moment.

His grandpa lives in Oxford. The place my parents met and fell in love.

I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or meant to be.

Coincidence. It has to be.

Why did I tell him about where my parents met?

Because you want him to know you.

No, I don’t want Jason to know me.

And, in many ways, I don’t want to know him. I don’t want to get close to him.

This here, with him, was just supposed to be sex and fun.

But, now, it’s starting to feel like more than that.

On my part at least.

Last night, I wasn’t sure if the feelings I had for Jason were friendship…or something more.

Now, I’m sure. They’re something more.

The only saving grace I have is that Jason doesn’t reciprocate my feelings. At least, I don’t think he does. If he did, then that would make things messy.

No, Jason’s not a relationship person. His job is everything to him, the only thing he cares about. It’s his life. He has no room in it for anyone else—aside from his grandpa and his friends.

He might be spending this time off work with me, but this, for him, is just a vacation.

I’m his at-home holiday romance.

When I leave London, Jason will be someone I have to let go of, and it will hurt.

For Jason, I’ll just be that American girl he had two crazy weeks with. In time, I’ll just be a memory. A fond memory, I hope.

But one thing is for certain. This thing between Jason and I will end the way it was always supposed to end, irrespective of the feelings I have for him.

One more week, and I will leave London and go back to New York.

And soon after…I will die.

“This is your car?”

Jason stops by the trunk of the car and looks over at me. We’re in his building’s parking garage, and I’m staring at the hottest car I have ever seen.

“It is.” He smiles.

He pops the trunk and puts his bag in along with the empty one I’ve borrowed from him. We’re stopping by the hotel, so I can get my stuff before we head to Oxford. All I have with me is my handbag that I’ve been using for overnights at his place, and sure, it’s big, but a weekend away requires more stuff. The only other thing I have with me is my big-ass suitcase, and I’d prefer not to drag that to Oxford with me, so Jason lent me one of his weekend bags.

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