Or Not

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Alpha Narre's POV

As I hung up the phone, I feel a slight twinge of guilt hit my chest. Even though it's necessary, I more than anyone, know the pain of having your mate ripped away, by the one who you were supposed to be able to trust with your life, the one who was supposed to protect you forever. I can still remember when I was in Josiah's place so many years ago, each moment playing out in my mind, in a never ending loop, like a broken record.

I knew I was in trouble and would have to use desperate measures as soon as that human stepped into the alpha meeting. It was never supposed to be this was, no one but the old man and his family were suppose to suffer, but it's to late to turn back now. Jacinda deserves justice, and I will have my revenge.

Honey walks in, head lowered in fake respect. I know what she wants, she always has the same request these days. Like an annoying song you can't get out of your head.

"Please, Alpha, may I please speak to him? Just for a few minutes, please!"

"No, not until he's completed his mission. You know how important this is."

"But Dad, this isn't fair! I'm his mate, I shouldn't have to wait."

"I don't care. I am Alpha, what I say goes, and I said no! Now either drop it or leave my office."

She huffs, "Mom would never have treated me like this. She knew what it was like to miss your mate, to cr-"

"Your mother isn't here, I am.  You don't think I ever miss her? Don't you think I wish everyday that things were different? Well I do."

"You wish, really, Dad? Really?! You were the one who left Mom for dead when she was pregnant! You're the reason Mom's dead and you know it. You don't really miss her, you feel guilty, and you should."

The sound of skin on skin echoed around the room, stunning us both in to silence. I stared wide eyed at my hand, still stinging from the contact. Looking up I see Honey, her face clearly displaying a red hand print. A lone tear leaked out leaving a single wet trail.

"I hate you." Turning she walked out of the office pausing at the door, turning to stare back at me, with steal in her eyes.

"I shouldn't have to say this." She took a breath, "But if you ever lay a hand on me again, it will be the last thing you touch, father or not."

The door slams loudly behind her.

Jennifer's POV

"Okay, what's going on?" Dani sighs as she plops dramatically down beside me onto her bed.

"What do you mean?"

She snatches the pillow from underneath my head, "you know exactly what I'm talking about. What's going on between, Joey and you? You seem distant, almost like you're avoiding each other, and you haven't been training together lately."

It's true. I have been avoiding Josiah, I just feel so awkward knowing he has a mate and after everything that's happened... it's just hard.

"I'm just taking a small break, letting my body recuperate from all the hard work. I'm a human remember, no super quick healing abilities."

She rolls her eyes. "Fine, don't tell me but I'll find out eventually,"

"I'm telling you everything's fine."

A knock sounds, and Joey walks in.

"Hey Dani, I-" He stops, looking between us, "Never mind, I'll come back."

Before he can walk out, Dani flies off the bed, tackling him.

"Ow! Dan, what the- Jenny help!"

I laugh as he continues to squirm underneath Dani who has made herself comfortable on his back. Dusting imaginary dust off her shoulder, she stands, pulling Joey along with her, and dropping him on top of me. Knocking the air out of my lungs.

"Now kiss and make up."


"Whatever you're fighting over, can't be that bad. You are mates. You're going to forgive and forget eventually."

I glance at Josiah who is staring at me with pleading eyes. We aren't mates, but we both love Dani, and that's enough to keep us together or should I say it was. Now it just means we'll keep her from knowing the truth, after all ignorance is bliss.
After a quick uncomfortable peck, Dani, lets Joey, up.

"There now isn't that better?"

We mumble a yes, as Joey pulls me in close, as if we're a cute couple, cuddling after a fight. Tucking my head under his chin to further appearances. I smile at her hoping we look convincing.
Before either of us can answer, Ashton walks in. His eyes narrowing at Joey and I as if angry we're in Dani's room. He sling an arm around Dani, pulling her in for a kiss that leaves me slightly jealous. He's not your mate stop it! I don't listen to myself, and envy winds around me tightly.

"Hey, Flower, I missed you." He pecks her forehead, and Dani giggles nervously, rolling her eyes.

"Don't be such a drama king. I was actually just about to kick these two lovebirds to the curb,"

"Hey! You can't kick me out this is my pack house."  I glare playfully at her as she widens her eyes in mock innocence.

"Speaking of which, Alpha Embers, Luna Rivers and I would like to speak to you in your office. Pack business." Dani gets a small smile at the use of her new tittle.

"As much as I want to, I actually told Joey we'd go to lunch. You two alphas go ahead,"

"You sure, Babe?"

"Of course, I know it's important but I haven't had a chance to catch up with my brother,"

He nods, "After you, Jen."

I can feel Joey, tighten his arms slightly before releasing me, confused I turn my eyes to find him in an intense stare off with Ash. Shaking my head at their childish behavior, I hug Dani good bye, before leading the way to my office, with two pairs of eyes following me.


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