It's Hard to Fly with Broken Wings

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Look at those girls,

Aren't they so pretty?

Look how they seem to sparkle

In the light.

Look over there,

The In-crow, the It-crowd,

The girls with their short skirts,

Their painted lips and plastic smiles.

Angels of purity,

Angels with gleaming wings,

Angels of their own kind,

Angels with no mind.

They have those sparkling wings,

That can carry them


Their hearts desire.


Is their own type of angel.

Just need to spread their wings

And take off.

Everyone has wings,

Light as a feather,

Invisible to the sight,

But good in any weather.

But how easy is it to fly with

Broken wings?

How easy is it to

Take off with nothing in reach?

You can't touch the sky

If your feet are stuck to the ground.

Can't defy gravity

When it's no one but just me.

Can't spread your wings,

Can't soar through the blue skies.

Just stuck to the dirt roads,

Stuck to the grass.

It's not so easy

To break away, soar high.

It's not so easy,

To fly with broken wings.

You can't go far

With nothing but broken dreams.

It's hard to fly

With broken wings.

© "It's Hard to Fly with Broken Wings" stickerfy 2012

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