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Makeely's POV

i was in algebra when the first one went off, it was stupid. the seniors thought it'd be funny to pull the fire alarm every god damn day of the last school days they had left. it was annoying, specially because people were actually trying to learn. it was the first one of the school year but i had heard story's from my siblings and cousin that i would have to start to get used to this.

"okay class, for the last couple weeks before summer break this will happen quite a lot. i am very aware of how inconvenient this is for all of you but we have to obey school rules. now please everyone exit quietly." our teacher orders us. i look over to my best friend, liz and roll my eyes.

"so what are we planning on doing this week." liz asks as we walk down the mostly empty halls. we decided to just skip the evacuation and just go to our lockers.

"um movie at my place?" i ask and liz nods in contentment.

"what movie do yo-" i was cut off by running into a hard body, i watched as my books fell to the ground. my song writing papers had scattered across the ground. i quickly bent down to pick it up and apparently so did the person who bumped into me.

i collected all of my books and papers. a hand reached out in front of me and i looked up. a cute brown haired boy stood there in front of me.

"i'm really sorry about that. should've been watching where i was going." i said, pushing stands of my strawberry blonde hair behind my ear.

"it's totally fine, i'm jaeden by the way, and this is finn." he speaks. i look over to his curly haired friend and smile.

"i'm makeely and this is my best friend liz." I introduce myself and we all greet each other.

"these fire alarms are annoying." jaeden days and we all agree.

"wanna come sit with us at lunch today with the rest of our group?" finn asks and liz and i look at each other before agreeing.


"guys, meet liz and makeely, we ran into them in the hallway during the fire alarm." finn says and all the people sitting at the table smile.

"i'm sophia." the only girl at the table says, her hair fiery red and cut short. liz and i smile at her.

"i'm jeremy." one of the boys said, he looked sweet.



"jack." liz and i nodded at everyone still smiling. "so you guys just ran into each other in the hallway?" sophia asks. jaeden looks at me.

"literally." jaeden said scratching the back of his neck.

everyone looks at us in confusion.

"he actually ran into me, made me drop my (croissant) books and everything." i laugh as everyone looks at jaeden in disappointment.

"did you at least pick up her stuff for her?" wyatt asks and i nod.

"he was very nice about it, and he invited us to meet you guys so don't give him too much grief please." i say and everyone nods.

"so what's everyone doing after school tonight?" jack asks and we all shrug.

"let's chill at my place yeah?" jack suggests and we all agree.

"can we have your guys' numbers." liz and i ask. they all nod and we start exchanging numbers.

jaeden handed me his phone and i handed him mine.

i smiled as i typed in my contact name and handed it back to him.

"girl i ran into. that's the best you could do?" jaeden laughs and i roll my eyes.

"guy i ran into. really? so unoriginal." i giggle and he chuckles.

"i guess we'll see you guys tonight then." chosen says and liz and i smile.


Loser's club:

Sofa: I'm coming in pj's who else is. 

Chosen: I don't own pj's

Jack gilinsky: what do you mean you don't own any pj's

Chosen one: unless you want me to show up in my boxers. I'm fine with that.

Me: NO

sofa: NO

wolfhair: YES

guy I ran into: NO

jeremy: what did I just read.

Helmet hair (Wyatt): I don't understand why this is so bad guys. At least he sleeps with some clothing on.

Lizard: who doesn't?

Helmet hair: ....

Jeremy: gross dude

Me: liz and I are on our way.


"hey!! come on in guys." jack smiles opening the door for me and liz.

we walk into the living room to see a bunch of boys running around with swim trunks on.

jaeden stopped running as soon as he saw me and liz.

he ran a hand through his hair and smiled.

"wait, i don't have a swim suit." liz says. "you can borrow my extra." sophia says and liz thanks her.

"let's get this party started."

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