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I woke up feeling like shit I checked the time it was 6 am ok I still have time. I got on Instagram and Snapchat, laughing silently to myself. When I finally got up to go get ready I went into the bathroom and to my dismay, I had a huge pimple on my forehead. I sighed heavily why can't I have clear skin like Selena Gomez or something. I went downstairs to get an ice pack to relieve the pain and the swelling. I went upstairs and did my business and wore a black crop top with some gray joggers and my white huaraches and I wore a dad hat to try and cover that monstrosity and just combed my hair down.

 I went upstairs and did my business and wore a black crop top with some gray joggers and my white huaraches and I wore a dad hat to try and cover that monstrosity and just combed my hair down

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When I got downstairs mom was putting cereal in a bowl for me while dad was here somewhere.  "It's time to go, hun," my mom said grabbing the keys. I just nodded and finished my cereal while she went out of the door. While we were in the car I texted my best friend Dean he moved to Canada in 9th grade I haven't seen him in person but we always kept in touch. I hope him and Erin can be friends I don't want to have to choose. As I got out of the car I texted Dean.

Me: Hey where are you?

Dean 🤩: I'm in my car I'm nervous.

Me: What kind of car?

Dean🤩: A black Bentley hurryy

I walked around the parking lot till I found a black Bentley I knocked on the window and the glass rolled down I was so ecstatic to see my best friend I squealed as I entered the car and gave Dean a big hug.

"I missed you, Dean," I said pulling away from the hug

"I know you did" Dean replied smirking while I playfully rolled my eyes

"Ok let's go," I said opening the car door a little bit. Dean opened his car door and came out. I closed my door and when he locked the cars I linked hands with him and smiled sheepishly.

"Today's going to be a good day," I said looking up at him

"I hope so" he replied eyes trained on the front door of the school. I tugged his hand and we started walking to class. When we opened the door and we're going to the front office for his schedule everyone was whispering all sorts of stuff. When we got to the front office I sat on the chair they provided while Dean got his schedule. Some girl sat by me and asked me who I came in with. I just raised my eyebrow in confusion then I suddenly remembered.

"Oh that's Dean" when I said that her eyes widened

"Really from middle school and elementary." She nodded her "wow he sure does look good. I remember he was a lil fattie now he's so hot" then she got up and sashayed well tried to sashay over to Dean. I just watched the scene unfold in front of me with a smirk on my face.

"Hey, you're Dean right?" She said lighting brushing his shoulder, I just rolled my eyes

"Um yes I actually just moved here again," he said grinning she snatched his schedule to look at it "Oh we have 1st period together, can I walk you to that class?"

"Uh yea sure" Dean replied grinning like a Cheshire cat, then he looked over at me pleading with his eyes for him to go.

"Um yeah I don't mind I have to get to Chinese anyway," I said getting up and leaving.

While walking I felt someone put their hand around my shoulder I looked up and it was Elliot.

"Hey you," I said awkwardly

"Hey, so who do you have right now?"

"I have Chinese,"  I said nodding my head I don't even know why I did that.

"Oh I have world history"

When we got to my class I glanced down at my shoes and I looked up and pointed my hand in the direction of my class.

"Uh, class," I said walking backward and bumping into something I winced and turned around walking into Chinese. When I sat down I put my head down on my desk 'ugh why am I like this'

When class was finally over I walked to my locker to stuff my books into it. I wondered where Dean was. While walking to math I saw Noah with her boyfriend Hunter making out in the hallway. I just smirked and pulled her hand.

"Heyy," she said whining

"Yo what the fuck," Hunter said angrily

"Well Noah has to go to class to get an education unlike your ugly ass," I said rolling my eyes pulling Noah to her class Science.

"Thanks, babe see you at lunch," Noah said kissing me on the cheek running into her class.

When I entered Math I sat in the back. Then Elliot came in he smiles at me and I just sheepishly smiled. He sat by me then turned to me.

"So why are you wearing the hat." I cringed when he asked me that I almost forgot about the pimple.

"I have this really huge pimple on my forehead," I said rolling my eyes, I heard him snickering  I just gave him the side eye.

"How do you have perfect, flawless skin," I said pouting.

"Umm I don't know I wash it," he said confused

"Do you have a skincare routine?"

"Uhh I wash my face with water and soap?" He said it like a question. I just sighed in frustration. I have a whole fricking skin care routine and my skins not as clear as his. Life really isn't fair.

When the teacher came in we stopped talking except for him sending me some stuff he drew on a scrap of paper. He wasn't good but they were funny.


After I got my lunch from the lunch line I sat at our table waiting for my friends. While eating my pizza I saw Dean walking in I waved him over.

"How was your first day?"

"It was really good. I'm trying out for lacrosse next week" he said as he ate his fruit. While I eyed his pizza 'is he going to eat that' I thought to myself.

"You want my pizza? I saw you looking at it"

"Yea don't you like pizza?"

"No not pepperoni" I gladly reached over and took his pizza and set it on my tray. I saw Noah coming over.

"Hey girl," she said side hugging me while sitting down

"Hey, you remember I told you about Dean," I said gesturing to Dean she looked him over then whispered to me "you didn't tell me he was cute" I giggled "Oh my God did I just giggle' I cleared my throat and introduced them to each other. They immediately hit it off I was glad. While they were talking I just savored my pizza. Elliot came over and sat by Dean across from me. I ducked my head to clean my mouth In case I had oil on my mouth. When I was done I  brought my head up smiling at no one I  particular. That's when I felt my stomach do flip-flops.

"Um excuse me," I said speed walking to the bathroom. When I was in the stall I looked at my underwear 'ugh womanhood'  I searched in my bag for a pad and finally found one. When I got back to the cafeteria it was almost time to go to class. I sat down and Elliot slid his pizza over to me.'Oh God am I in heaven' I smiled at him and ate it.

"Guys we should hang out after school at the mall," Noah said grinning everyone agreed I didn't really want to go but the mall has good food. So I guess I'll go sadly.


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