Chapter One

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A/N: Hello all! This is a FANTASTIC story written by my sister. It is not mine. She gave me permission to post this. I really enjoy her writing and wish I am as good she is. Please, enjoy. Comments are welcome. 

"Dude, don't worry about it. I'm like, seventy five percent sure this won't explode on us."

Melody wasn't sure if she should laugh, cry, or throw a chair at her lab partner. It was a Monday, which meant Melody was forced to attend the chemistry class that was required for her major. She was attending the Allen-West College of Science, which was basically the place where an existential crisis would spawn itself upon any stress-prone student.

"Matt, if you're even a little unsure about this, you maybe should not do it," she said as she cautiously took the test tube out of her lab partner's hand. He frowned at her, but sighed in submission.

"Alright everyone, that's all for today, we'll finish up these labs next week. Don't forget to complete the study guide questions!" Doctor Brigit scurried around the wandering students, embodying worry as she made sure none of the Bunsen burners were left on. Melody sighed as she lifted her backpack, heavy with books and the inevitability of failure. Melody knew she didn't have the brains it took to succeed here, and it was only a matter of time before she would be forced to drop out. Shaking these thoughts from her head, Melody waved goodbye to Matt and headed towards the library, where she could at least pretend to be productive. As she headed towards the building, Melody felt an arm suddenly being thrown around her shoulders.

"DUDE! where have you been? I thought we were meeting for coffee?"

Melody immediately recognized the voice of her best friend, Michael.

"Oh, hey, man. Sorry, I forgot to tell you I have Brigit's chem class this semester. Couldn't make it."

Michael gave her a look of pity before his attention quickly shifted to another topic, as it often seemed to do. "Hey, that reminds me! Valerie is coming back today. Just thought I should warn you."

Melody held back a deep sigh. Valerie was Melody's roommate that she had known for about five months, yet it had felt like a life-time. She and her family had been gone on a vacation that had probably cost more than Melody's tuition. It's not that Melody didn't like Valerie, or that Valerie was mean. It was just that Valerie was the definition of arrogant. And spoiled. Not to mention that her father was head of the science department, making it impossible for her to do anything close to poor in her classes. The worst part was, Valerie was completely clueless of it. Melody didn't blame this for her, as she didn't think it was Valerie's fault she was like this, but still. It wasn't ideal, especially with the amount of frustration Melody was feeling today.

"Why is she coming back today? I thought I had at least a week more. Also, how do you even know this?"

Michael gave a casual shrug as they continued toward the library. "I know her dad's back, so she probably is too. Sorry 'bout it." He glanced at his phone. "My biology class starts in five minutes, so I'll catch you later."

Melody waved as Michael wandered off, leaving her in an even worse mood than before. Not only was she about to fail every class, but now she had to put up with a person she didn't want to put up with. Or see. Or be in the same room with.

Melody unlocked the door and dramatically flopped on the single couch in her dorm room. It had been a long day, and she couldn't wait to fall asleep. Just as she began drifting off, she heard a sound coming from the living room. Listening closely, she could make out some words. Or rather, music.

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