Arriving At Hogwarts

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'I-I can explain.' I stuttered nervously under his suspicious gaze.

I mentally slapped myself for my nervousness.

Nice one to make myself look more suspicious I thought sarcastically.

'Professor Dumbledore,' I flinched when I saw his eyes narrow wondering how I knew his name.

'I'm not sure what I'm meant to say to you,' I continued slowly walking across the room to his desk.

'But Professor McGonagall told me to give you this,' I explained as I leaned over his desk, handing him the letter.

Dumbledore cautiously took the letter and examined it.

I nervously played with the sleeve of my coral pink jacket as I watched him with the letter.

This was a crucial part of my mission. If Dumbledore wouldn't let me stay at Hogwarts then I don't know what I'd do.

Cautiously he opened the envelope and pulled out the letter.

I could see his eyebrows crease while he was reading what I assumed to be McGonagall's handwriting.

I couldn't help wondering what was in that letter.

Dumbledores low chuckle shook me out of my thoughts.

'Miss Granger is definitely the talented one.' Dumbledore chuckled as he folded the letter up.

I just nodded politely, unsure of what to say.

'Now I'm sure Miss McGonagall doesn't want the whole wizarding would to know that you're travelling back in time. No that just won't do. What's your cover up story?' Dumbledore asked rising from his desk.

'Co-cover up story?' I stuttered nervously.

'Your history is a few decades in the future, so we need to tweak it to make it more realistic.' Dumbledore explained as he slowly made his way across the room.

'For example you can't mention any inventions that aren't around these days, or songs, or movies, you get the idea Ms Summers.' Dumbledores voice sounded from inside the magnificent wardrobe.

I awkwardly tilted my head, trying to see what Dumbledore was doing as he fumbled around the wardrobe. Obviously, he was looking for something.

After a minute more of rustling and bumping, Dumbledore started talking again.

'Now, it is strange that you are starting Hogwarts in your third year. So, if anyone asks you moved to England this year from Australia.'

I nodded.

I remember taking a trip to Australia with my family when I was 9 years old. We went to the beach everyday and the weather was always warm. The people there were so friendly and open, with strange accents.

'Okie dokie,' I said trying to speak with an Australian accent.

Dumbledore chuckled at my terrible attempt of the accent.

'Ahh here it is.' Dumbledore exclaimed pulling out a brown parcel, before closing the wardrobe.

'Here you go Ms Summers,' Dumbledore said kindly as he handed me the brown parcel.

I slowly opened the packaging, making sure not to tear paper.

I gasped looking at the clean folded up Hogwarts robes inside.

'Thank you!' I barely whispered, amazed at what was in front of me.

'No need to thank me,' Dumbledore informed as he walked back towards his desk. 'It is a rule here at Hogwarts that every student must wear the uniform. Which in this case, is the robes.'

I clutched my robe tightly to my chest. This was too unreal.

'Ms Summers, you should go get changed. The students will arrive here at Hogwarts in 15 minutes.' Dumbledore informed not looking up from the parchment in his hands.

I peered at the parchment that he was reading.

It wasn't a parchment, it was a newspaper! And not any news paper but the Daily Prophet.

On the front was a rather large picture of what looked like a mentally insane man.

He had long black oily hair that stuck to his face by his sweat. His face was covered in gashes and dirt, and he looked like he was in some sort of prison uniform.

'Sirius!' I gasped with realisation.

'Yes, indeed it is. And I'm guessing from what I read in the letter that you know his story, and of course what will happen this year.' Dumbledore asked, still not looking up from the Daily Prophet.

'Yes,' I answered shortly.

'No, Ms Summers, I'm not going to ask what happens, so I can fix it. No I'm going to leave that to you. I advice that you get changed now, 10 minutes and all the students will be arriving.' Dumbledore informed, before I walked out the door still clutching my Hogwarts robes to my chest.

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