"Looks like we have a friend waiting inside for us. Les' go." Daryl said taking his impressive crossbow in his hand and banging the door down.

After killing the walker we scouted the house downstairs. We found a couple cans of food and I walked into the bathroom.

I found some meds and stuffed them into my bag. I went over to the shower and looked in to see the shampoo that I used before the world went to hell. I stuffed it into my bag and grabbed a bottle of vanilla body wash to go with it. I walked out and found Daryl in the living room.

"Can we go upstairs now?" I asked impatiently.

"Sure. Let me go first though." He said walking over to the stairs. He banged on the wall and waited.

When nothing came we went up. I held my new knife in my hand the whole time. There was no sound so we lowered our defences a tiny bit. I opened a door with my knife in front of me and stepped inside. It was obviously the master bedroom.

After looking in the drawers and finding nothing I walked out. Daryl was standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Les' go to the next house." He said and walked towards the front door. I ran after him and walked towards the next house.

I saw Carl standing outside and he waved to me. I waved back.

'That kid is really weird.' I thought to myself. 'He's cute though.'

Daryl did the same thing he am did at the first house by banging in the window. This time nothing came. Daryl kicked down the door and we stepped inside.

After raiding everything downstairs and coming up with 7 water bottles, 14 cans of food and a few bottles of half full medicine bottles we continued our journey through the house and made our way upstairs.

This time though when I opened door number one it was a teenage girls room. The room was painted green and had a single bed with a black and white comforter. There was a bookshelf with some books, old creepy dolls, some art stuff, and a couple boxes.

I looked into her closet and she must have been my age because she was my size in everything. I put on a new pair of underwear and a new bra after telling Daryl I was changing so that he wouldn't walk in on me naked. I picked out a fresh pair of jeans, a shirt that was short and showed off my belly button and it was grey with the word 'POW!' On the front in neon colours. I put on a pair of black socks that were cozy and thick. Than I picked out a pair of combat boots. They were black and went just past my ankles. They were super comfortable though which was good. I picked out a leather jacket and found a hair elastic. After putting my hair in a high pony tail I walked out to find Daryl looking at me.

"You look nice. That leather jacket and jeans and boots will look good when your on that motorcycle." Daryl commented.

"Thanks. I guess I've always had a good sense of style." I blushed and giggled. "Come on. We better go meet up with the others." I said and walked down the steps.

We met up with everyone and headed back feeling proud of our findings. I felt good because the wind felt amazing in my hair that was now down and blowing in the wind. I felt good because I was in a fresh pair of clothes.

We finally made it back to the group and I gave Rick, Hershel and Maggie all of the food I found and the meds. I kept the chocolate bar that I had found though. I also found a couple of Archie comics which I kept. I kept one of the water bottles and my shampoo and body wash. I had a hair brush and my hair elastic.

"Hey Rick, can you show my where the showers are?" I asked.

"Sure. I'll get Beth to show you. I'd do it myself but I have a lot of stuff to do." Rick said.

Beth walked over with a baby in her arms.

"Oh my gosh! Who is this cutie." I said looking at the little baby girl in awe. "I haven't seen a baby in... who knows how long." I said the baby started giggling. I 'Awwwed' at how cute she was.

"Her name is Judith. We call her Judy though. Daryl calls her little ass kicker but that's just him." Rick chuckled.

"Can I hold her?" I asked feeling hopeful.

"Sure." Rick said and Beth handed little ass kicker to me.

"I've always wanted a little baby sister." I said admiring the little baby in my arms. "Sometimes I would dream about it. Giving her all my old clothes, giving her advice about boys and doing her makeup and teasing her about dating or dancing with boys at parties." I chuckled at my crazy thoughts.

"Did you have any siblings at all?" Beth asked.

"Uh, yeah. I had a brother. He was 20." I said remembering how my brother died. "We would always tease each other and I would always steal this amazing hat that he had. He wouldn't give it to me for some reason. I dont know why." I smiled remembering my brother.

"Uh, here. I'll show you where the showers are. Do you want me to take Judith. You can hold her if you want." Beth said giving me a big smile.

"You can take her." I said chuckling knowing already that Beth loved little kids.

Beth walked me into the prison and to the showers. I smiled and Beth showed me how to make the water work.

Beth left and I stripped down from my clothes. I pulled over the curtain that was there just incase anyone came to take a shower. I pumped the water and set my shampoo and body wash on the ground. The cool water his my skin and I felt like I was in heaven.

"Oh my god. This is amazing." I whispered to myself letting the water run over my body.

When the water stopped I picked up my shampoo and ran it through my damp hair. Once it was scrubbed all over my hair I was it out. I repeated that once more. I always did that whenever I took a shower because it helps with greasy hair. When all the shampoo was out, I was about to pick up with body wash when I heard heavy footsteps coming my way.

"Hello? Is someone there?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah. Lightning is that you? It's me Carl. I was gonna take a shower. I can leaving if you want me to." I recognized carls voice and I blushed thinking about how I was only behind a curtain fully naked and he was standing just right there.

"Uh, no it's fine. I'm almost done anyway. I just need to wash my body. It's been so long since I've had a shower." I chuckled. "You can shower if you want. I'm almost finished." I said again.

"Ok. Thanks." I heard Carl taking off his clothes but I ignored it and picked up my body wash. I rubbed the body wash all over my body and heard Carl turn the water on right next to me.

I rinsed off and grabbed the towel. I wrapped it around my body and stepped out. I grabbed my cloths and stepped behind the curtain again.

I looked and saw I had forgotten my underwear so I stepped out again and grabbed them but before I could step back behind my curtain Carl stepped out with just a towel wrapped around his waist. I blushed and mumbled a sorry than dove behind my curtain.

OH. MY. GOD. Carl just saw me half naked. I was only in a towel!!!

I quickly got changed and stepped out. I saw Carl at the sink without a shirt on but this time he had pants on.

"Take a picture. It'll last longer." Carl said smirking. He must have thought I was checking him out because I was staring at his abs.

"Ugh! Don't make me throw up." I said wrinkling my nose.

"Oh please. You know you like what you see." I ignored Carls cocky comment. I pulled my hair into a high ponytail and walked quickly back to my room.

When I got into my room I laid all my stuff onto my tiny table. I picked up my notepad and my pencil and started to sketch some random drawing. After finishing my abstract art I put my stuff away and went to bed feeling really tired.

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