Zoos and Other Disasters

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Harry- Daddy (16)
Liam- Papa (17)
Niall- 8
Louis- 3

This was requested by @1D_Sickfics with input from @ilangel1

It was Saturday morning, a perfect day for sleeping in until noon, according to Harry and Liam. Well, you couldn't say that Niall and Louis would agree, because at only 9:30 that morning, the two dads could hear two sets of feet bounding down the corridor to their room.

Liam groaned when the two boys started jumping on the bed. Liam was never really a morning person, so it was often Harry who woke up with the boys.

Meanwhile, Harry, who was trying to pretend to be asleep, suddenly felt a small pair of hands trying to pry his eyes open.
"Daddy?" He heard the high pitched voice of Louis. Harry smiled, but kept his eyes closed.
"Now, what little monster could that be?" Harry wondered aloud. He heard Louis giggle next to his ear. "I think it's. . . Louis!" Harry said all of a sudden, opening his eyes and turning over quickly, making Louis squeal and giggle. Harry lifted his boy up so he was hovering directly above him. "Good morning sweet boy," Harry whispered lowering Louis to give him a peck on lips, once again making the boy giggle with glee.
"Good morning, Daddy!" Louis cheered, reaching down and squeezing the man's cheeks. When he did that, Harry puffed his cheeks out, and both of them started laughing.

"Daddy, Papa, I'm dry!" Louis announced, looking at both Harry and Liam (who was now up and cuddling with Niall) with a grin. The fathers had been potty training Louis for about a month now. It was a long process for sure; in the beginning there were a lot of accidents and tears, but now Louis only wore pull-ups at nighttime.
"Really? Lou that's great baby!" Harry and Liam cheered, while the boy beamed with confidence.
"I think this deserves a special breakfast of pancakes!" Liam announced, starting to climb off the bed, Harry following suite with Louis in his arms.

"With chocolate chips?" Niall asked hopefully as the family of four entered the kitchen. Harry strapped Louis into a booster seat, and gave him some paper and crayons to colour on while he waited.

"Mmm, I'm not sure, Niall. Remember what happened last time?" Liam asked rhetorically, recalling the time when Niall ate a lot of pancakes, and then spent the rest of the afternoon throwing up over the toilet with a poorly stomach.
"Dad, that only happened because I ate too many. I won't go overboard this time, promise." Niall pleaded. Liam sighed, looking over at Harry, who was completely unaware of what was happening. He was listening intently to Louis, who was telling him all about his 'drawing', which was really just a bunch of scribbles.
"Fine," Liam complied, getting out at all the ingredients and started on the pancakes.

"Zoo! Papa! Daddy! Zoo!" Louis cheered. The scrap paper that Harry had given to him, just so happened to have an advertisement about a zoo that they loved close to on the non-blank side of the paper.

"Yes, baby. That is a zoo," Harry replied, not quite sure what the boy wants.
"We go?" Louis asked with big cerulean eyes.
"Well, we don't really have anything to do today. ." Harry trailed, now noticing that Niall and Liam too had their eyes trained on the tall man. "Alright! Let's go!" Harry agreed. The boys had been so well behaved lately, they deserved something special.

Breakfast went on without any trouble. Only that Harry got a little sulky when Louis refused to have Harry feed him. His boy was getting so big! But that changed when Louis asked him to kiss his 'boo-boo', which he'd gotten from touching his pancakes when they were too hot.

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