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Hey guys. I really really wanted to start s new book and go in another direction. I will still update my other books, but I'm really feeling this book! Excuse any mistakes... Zora in MEDIA !

Zora Mitchell

"We have one special client for you Ms. Mitchell." Ana (One of the company's assistants) told me.

I work at this huge company called Styles Custom. We get people from all across the world to design their clothing and to add flavor to their style. To be honest... I'm the coldest in the building.

"And who is that?" I asked.

"Karrueche Tran!" She said.

"Wooop!"I said sarcastically in my head. Honestly I didn't care too much for her, but a client is a client and money is money. Plus, you never know how someone is until you meet them.

"Oh...great. Let her in." I told Ana.

She walked out to the waiting room and moments later in walks the Tran her self.

"Hello. How are you?" I asked her. I was trying to be polite. I shook her hand.

"I'm actually great." She replied.

"So what brings you in today? You're a fashionista yourself. I would've never thought you needed a personal designer."

"Well I have this photo shoot coming up and I wanted to do something different." She spoke to me. I nodded my head.

Sometimes she could dress and sometimes she couldn't. I most definitely understood why she's here.

"What's the photo shoot for? Theme?" I asked.

"90s VH1 HipHop Honors." She responded.

I immediately got the idea in my head.

"I got a vision." On my iPad I have cut outs of all my items. I used my naked mannequin that was in my notes.

"When's the photo shoot?" I asked her.

"In three days." She responded.

"Email me the address and the time so I can come early and I'll be there with the outfit. We can start the sizing now." I told her.

"Great." She got up and I used the measuring tape to size her.

"Are you sure I can trust you with my looks?" She asked.

This bitch...

"Of course. I've styled people from August Alsina to Madonna." I told her. Baby I'm the best at this shit.

"That's cool and all, but I never heard any one of them shout you out or anything." She spoke.

I rolled my eyes.

"If you don't want me to design you, you can leave. They have told people about me obviously if I've had numerous celebs ask for me personally." I told her. It was in a smart, but polite tone.

I was not with the shits. If you don't trust my work, then don't pay me to design you.

"I'm not appreciating your attitude, but I'm going to give you a try." I stood up from measuring her.

"Great. I'll see you at the shoot."

Christopher Brown

"Chris the bitch was so rude to me." Kae said to me as she walked in the door.

"How was that?" I asked her.

I honestly didn't give a fuck. Kae was so annoying and probably pissed the lady off.

"First, I ask her if I could trust her with my looks because I can't be looking like anything! Then the bitch gets smart and tells me she worked with Madonna and shit. Meanwhile, I've NEVER heard of her." She explained to me.

"Well who is she?" I asked.

"Some personal designer named Zora Mitchell."

I've heard of the name, but never seen her. I was going to ask for her Instagram, but that would've started an argument.

"I've heard of her. She's pretty good I think."

"Well... I know you won't have me looking a mess. Can you come to the photo shoot with me?" She asked.

I mentally sighed.


"Please please Bae!?" She begged.

"I guess Kae. I'm about to go on the patio and smoke." I told her and walked out.

She looked like a lost puppy but I didn't give a fuck...

First Chapter in this book. I'm loving the new feel and I'm really thinking about ideas for this book!

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