Mistakes and Memories pt. 4

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Shawn's POV

"Hold on, so you're telling me that I'm Y/N? Is it a coincidence that we both move here to Calgary and just bump into each other?" She says shaken. "I guess, but maybe it's a sign?" We both laugh and Y/N rolls her eyes.

She gets up from the couch and calls in to tell her professor that she cannot make it to class this morning.

Y/N paces around the kitchen with a finger on her lip and the rest of her hand relaxing around her chin. "I just don't understand, how have I not known?" She repeated to herself.

I stand up and start walking towards
Y/N. She stops and looks at me. "I know." She said and starts running towards me and furnishes me with a gentle kiss.

Her lips are soft and warm, it felt like fireworks exploding in my stomach. I cup her cheek and she pulls me closer. Before the kiss gets too far, we pull apart and we stare at each other.

Her soft mellow eyes get to me. I brush away the hairs that have come out of her ponytail and smile at her. "I know something that I should've known a long time ago, but couldn't piece it." She says. Y/N grabs my hand and we rush upstairs to her bedroom.

Her Bedroom was a decent size, with a queen sized bed laying underneath her window and a simple white desk to the left of it.

Y/N gets on her knees and pulls out a relatively average looking box with stickers all over it from underneath her bed.

"What's in the box?" I question. "I was going through my old school binder and I found all these notes, letters and things. I really didn't think too much about these, but I can connect some dots now." She says.

Y/N hands me the box and I remove the lid and see notes and letters from when me and Y/N were in elementary.
I take out one of the first pieces of paper I see.

It says, "The rules and conditions sheet for S and (first letter of your name)." I chuckle at the horrible handwriting.
"1. We have to be best friends for ever
2. We cannot be friends with crazy Ethan or annoying Vicky
3. We have to always share secrets
4. In the high school we have to go to prom together if we do not have a date
5. We cannot lie to each other
6. S can not date any of (first initial)'s friends or vice versa
7. If by the age of 25 we are not married, we have to marry each other
8. We always have to have each other's backs
9. Have respect for each other
10. Never distance from each other
11. Always play fair
12. If by the age of 19 we are single, we have to date each other."

"I have always wondered if these were mine, but the initials didn't line up, but now I realize that these were all between me and you." She says and looks up at me.

Right when I was about to lean in for a kiss, the door opened and there stood Y/N's mom.


I look towards the door and see my mother standing looking shocked to see me and Shawn. "How could you?" I say as is start to tear up. "How could you lie to me for these last few years?" I shout. I start to fall back down on my bed as Shawn grabs a hold of me.

"Look Y/N I only did this because I wanted us to have a fresh start." She says trying to reason with me. Oh honey don't ever try to reason with this girl. "No you only did this for yourself." And that's when it clicked. "I remember a while ago when I asked you about my dad and you tried to change the subject. I knew that he wanted to have custody over me but you left." "Y/N I can explain" said my mom.

"No you've known that he still cared, but that bothered you didn't it?" I say frustrated with my own words. "Um I can leave..." Shawn says standing in between me and my mom. "No, and mom you also never told me about my best friend. Mom you knew how everyone at this shit school was like, they all hate me for some damn reason. The least you could do as a mother is tell me that there are people who still cared about me." I say starting to tear up again, ugh the tears...

"But I care," said my mom as she starts walking towards me. She puts her hand out but I push it away. "No, if you cared then you wouldn't have lied to me." I stand up and grab Shawn's hand and push my mom aside. We walk to the door and get in Shawn's Jeep.

It was silent the whole ride. Not knowing where we were going gave a warm feeling on the inside. Shawn soon parks the car in front of a park. We both get out of the car and Shawn instantly grabs my hand and intertwined our fingers.

We get to a bench on a hill facing the bright city lights. "Y/N I'm really sorry you had to deal with that." He says looking at me. "No Shawn because of you I got to realize and know how much of a lie I had been facing. Thank you." And at that moment both me and Shawn lean in and he cups my cheek and gives me a soft and gentle kiss. "You're welcome your full name" and leans back in for a kiss.


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