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You hear the school bell ringing, just as you got off the local bus. "Crap, I'm late!" You hissed in annoyance. You rolled your eyes at yourself while fixing the straps of your bra from such a hassle.

Man, first day of schools are the worst. You thought to yourself.

In the corner of your eye, you see the all-known Adrien Agreste with his buddy, Nino Lahiffe, probably waiting for their other two friends; Alya Cesairè and Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Oh, you know them. They're in all of your classes.

Before going inside, Adrien takes notice of your presence. "Ah, hey Y/N!" He waves.

You suddenly stop walking, looking at him. You raise an eyebrow. "Hey..." you reply, feeling awkward. Don't make it awkward. Don't make it awkward. "So, um, I'm gonna go. I am going to be late."

You quickly get out of their sight and speed walk all the way to your designated classroom and your designated seat, which was not too far from the front.

Soon, everyone piles in with the teacher, Ms. Bustier. "Good morning, students! Welcome back to your first day of school." The class continues, having the new students introduce themselves or whatever. Somehow, you managed to memorize 2 out 10 names of transferees.

The teacher then declares a dismissal. Other students decided to go outside. You, on the other hand, didn't go anywhere. Instead, you pull out your scratch paper and drew on it, making doodle or any sorts of things to fill your boredom.

Minutes passed of writing your name in different fonts, someone suddenly taps you on your shoulder. You jump, looking at the culprit who did it.

"Hey, Y/N,"

It was him again.

You gaze at him with dull eyes. "What do you want?" You turn around and start to doodle again.

"Well... my friends and I are planning to buy ice cream later, so... wanna come with?"

At the mention of ice cream, your eyes light up. "Sure!"

His eyes widen in joy as well. "Great! Well, see you later."

"Okay," you reply, smiling a bit.

First day of school and we're off to a great start.

end of prologue


ok!! well hello, hello, hello!!!

making a new adrien x reader! idk what came over me

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lemme eat

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