It was early morning in the Red House orphanage the boys were still asleep when an alarm clock goes off next to you. You lazily open your eyes to a certain redhead who's face first in his pillow snoring up a storm.

You bend over and stretch out your back along with your legs yawning.
" Time to wake them up " you hum turning to shanks giving him a few licks on his neck. Attending to wake him up to get ready for work.

He shifts slightly smiling " Mmm~ good morning honey?" He purred lips lightly pressed against yours. You pull back and puff out your cheeks, lifting up your tail and smack his face, he jolts awake at that sitting up and putting a hand over his face.

" Okay okay I'm up I'm up! " Shanks yawns and slip on his slippers raising his arms in the air stretching out his muscular back.

Your lips curl into a smile as you state at his well-toned body. Wanting to run your hands all over his body as he tops you, his eyes filled with lust- ' Nope!! Cut that shit out!' You shake your head snapping out of your fantasy heading to the door.

'It's coming faster than I anticipated ' you thought, Picking a random door down the hall squeezing your way in through a small crack realizing it was Law and Zoro's room.

Observing your surroundings you walk over taking both ends of their blankets in your mouth. In one swift movement, they're off and on the floor. Law and Zoro shiver and sit up yawning, Law gets up and pats your head going over to their closet and pulling out a towel for Zoro and himself.

You nod in approval and head to Kid and Killers room, poking your head in you see Killer and Kid had already taken their showers and were getting dressed.

Kid drops his towel after killer and you stiffen when you catch a glimpse of their rear's before putting on a pair of boxers. Killer turns around and spots you smirking " Hey Kid looks like we have an admirer " he hums.

Kid turns and looks seeing you sitting in the room tail swaying behind you staring.

" Get. " kid huffed and went back to change.

Killer sighs and smiles softly at you before bending down to pick up a pair of pants. You lean forward to get a better view of his butt but a shirt was thrown at your face, covering you completely.

" Damn perverted pest! I said get out " Kid fussed from the bathroom, toothbrush in hand waving it at you.

' Pest?! Hah, ill show you a pest!' You snickered and go up to his dresser pulling open one of the drawers. Finding a variety of magazines with naked women on the covers.

Using your teeth you pick up a few and ran up to the bathroom door where kid stood brushing his teeth. You barked and he turned to you, his face paled when he noticed what you had in your mouth.

Killer stood and watched when he saw you inching closer to the door. Kid finished cleaning up swiftly then bent down to your level.

" Drop it" he scooted closer to you but you kept backing up away from him.

" ____" Kid got closer, his nose inches from yours " Drop.It.NOW!" he slammed his fist on the tile and you bolted out of the room and down the hall. Kid close behind, throwing random objects at you.

You loved messing around with kid. To you, it was the only time he would acknowledge your presence. He didn't play with you how Luffy did.

He didn't train you to do tricks and attack like Zoro, Loved on you like Shanks, talk to you like Law and Killer.

You felt as if he truly hated you more than anything so you decided to play tricks on him.

You so focused on getting to the kitchen you didn't notice Kid had stepped in front of you and you ran right into his leg, knocking you over on the floor.

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