Our Supernatural Reading Lists

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This is a list of all our reading lists and what their names mean. Since we ask you to pick one of these when you submit your story, please make sure to read this chapter carefully so you'll get an idea of where your story might fit best.

Be aware that, if we think your story might be better off on another one of these, we will put it there instead.

Our reading lists are:

The Curious Case of Dean Winchester - All stories focussing on Dean Winchester

Sam, Interrupted - All stories centred around Sam Winchester

Baby in a Trenchcoat - All fics about everyone's favourite angel, Castiel

King of the Damned - Stories dedicated to the King of Hell, Crowley

Family Matters - All stories centred around the Winchesters and their family business

Slash Fiction - Stories about all your favourite ships, Destiel, Wincest, Sabriel...

Ladies Drink Free - All the ladies of the Supernatural world, because we need a little girl power

The French Mistake - Crossovers between Supernatural and other shows or movies, after all, nothing is impossible, right?

The Hunter Games - All your favourite hunters in one place, no matter if canon or created by yourself

The Rising Son - For stories, that feature our favourite nephilim, Jack.

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