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(Writing on the Wall, Sam Smith)
Nathan's P. O. V.

"So, how is she?" My mom asks taking a seat beside me. As I sat in the waiting room.

"Honestly, to tell you the truth, mom I don't know. I just know that I can't lose her. Aside from our babies she means everything to me. She doesn't deserve this... After all she's been through. It angers me to know that she is going through this again. Mom since, I've met her she's going to in and out of this Hospital. So many times, that now whenever I hear it, it makes me tense up.
It's like she's giving up mom..... We were talking about the surgery. And she just flat out said that she may not want the surgery. And she was being so serious. Yet again, she's being stubborn. Its like when the twins were born how she didn't want to get the C-section.
Knowing how dangerous it was for her to have a natural birth. I hate how much, she is against being operated on. Why not me? She has been nothing but graceful, caring, loving, and respectable of any and all things. She is just so innocent and everything that I could ever ask for. But me, like you said I shut everyone out most the time I don't realize I'm doing it till it's too late. I'm selfish, I'm selfless and it take so many risk. But yet I'm still here, alive and healthy never having been badly injured. I don't understand why not me? I don't understand why she doesn't understand that I need her, that our children need her. Is that selfish? Am I being selfish?" I continue on letting out a shakey breath with my head in my hands.
While my mom rubbed my back in a circular motion trying to soothe me.

"No, Nate you aren't. But, you need to see things from her perspective.
You said it yourself she's been through a lot.
So, I understand why she's giving up. But Lahlani, is a strong woman she will make it and before you know it she will be walking down the aisle. And my baby boy will finally be married." She smiles patting my back.

"I wanted to stop by and check in on things. I need to go get your father from the airport." She says standing from her seat. But, the minute she brought him up it caught my attention.

"That man is not my father. A real father, would never leave his child to go take over of a company."

"Nathan Giovanni Regonci, you need to stop. He has been asking if you've made a decision and if you wanred to talk to him. And you are going to. I'm not doing it! No buts about it . You are doing it again, you haven't spoken to your brother and especially your sister.
And I'm not going to tolerate it. You are not too old. You do this everytime. Now is not the time to be avoiding your family especially how close it is to you leaving." My mom continues making me groan.

Why cant she just leave me be that is the least if my worries right now.

"Mom I have all the time in the world to talk to them. They are not the ones lying in a hospital bed getting ready to go into a life threatening surgery." I snap at her blurting out my words like word vomit not able to think about what I say before I say

"Well alright Nate, but just know that this conversation is not over. but you are still going to see your father. Now I got to go before I am late. Oh and Anna should be over here with the twins soon." She informs me kissing my forehead head before heading towards the exit.

I let out a long sigh before running my hands down my face.

I don't know how long I had been sitting there with my head in my hands.
But before, I knew I was gearing cries coming from a distance getting closer and closer.

Upon hearing these cries I look up to see Anna making her way towards me.

"How were they?" I ask reaching for both the carseat she had in each hand. Sitting them on the floor in front of me.

"They were fine, until and hour ago. One minute they were like angels and the next they were screaming their heads off no natter what I did they still continued to cry. Its like they knew something was wrong." She chuckkes taking a seat beside me as I reach down.

Unbuckling them both lifting then out of the car seats.
I felt a tad bit of frustration lift off my shoulders once they wer3w in my arms.

And I was also a little more happy because I just stopped their crying.

"Lahlani, was right it is like you have the magic touch." She chuckles once more.

"Speaking of which how is Lahlani?" She asked making e loudly groan at the question.
Not wanting to explain her condition again.

But I sucked it up and I did.
"I just wish I could do more for her." I finish off. Cradling both the twins in each arm. Staring down at them watching them slowly shut their eyes. Slowly falling asleep.

"So when is she going into surgery?" I hear her ask making me take a quick glance up at her.

"A few hours really. Doc said it was best to get her into surgery as soon as possible." I breath out bringing my attention back down onto the twins.
Staring at each of their faces. Realizing even more how much Mahlani looked just like her mom.

From her little button nose to her eyes.
Than my son well their is no doubt that he looks like me he got all the looks. But he does again like his sister has his moms nose.

This somehow being the only thing that could bring a smile to my face.


Third Person's P. O. V.

Hours had passed and Nathan still remained in the same spot with his same two questions running through his head that both remained unanswered.

Is this surgery worth it? Will she survive? The questions that constantly racked his brain continuesly. Since Anna, had left to his house to feed the twins and put them to bed.

He couldn't stop thinking about the first question though that's the one that really got him.

Is the surgery worth it? He knew that it may not be worth the risk considering that if she doesn't survive it their time together will be gone they will no libger be able to see each other she will be gone.
But, is she diesnt go through with the surgery yes, she may not survive that also but, he and their babies would still have to me with her.

Either way its a risk. And Nathan knew that. Which is why he knew that he had to make up his mind fast. Before its too late....


Alright, I'm back! And I am so sorry I left all of you lovelies high and dry for almost three weeks. I know crazy.
First as you guys know first it was my birthday and than the next I had writers block than thw next I was visiting family. The past few weeks has been very busy for me.

I should be in the zone especially since there is only one chapter left of this book.
I know sad right😱😭
Long journey I know.
And sorry I still don't know if there will be a book 3.
But fingers crossed right?
Anyways I will see you all in the next chapter... The last chapter....


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