20. LiLo: Truth or Dare<3

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Thank-you so much to the people who gave me amazing ideas for one shots! 

This is dedicated to SunshineAndPosies becaussseee they gave me the idea :D

Enjoy! :D


Liam POV:

It’s just another boring day today...We can’t go outside because it’s pouring with rain and there is nothing to do in the house!

“I’m bored!” Louis states loudly looking over at me

It only takes one look from him to make my stomach do cartwheels...Yes you heard right, I Liam Payne am in love with my band-mate Louis Tomlinson, who doesn’t like me that way in the slightest.

“Well do something then?” I answer looking over at him and meeting his eyes

“There’s nothing to do!” Louis whines, he quickly looks away from my eyes and I swear his cheeks are flushed...Why would he get embarrassed by me looking at him?

“I know what we can do...” Harry says suddenly, giving pointed looks at Zayn and Niall...What’s going on with them?

“TRUTH OR DARE!” Niall screams excitedly

Oh no...

Louis POV:

Argh why is it always raining when we have a day off? It’s totally not fair!

I complain about being bored to Liam, I didn’t really need to tell Liam because he probably couldn’t care less but I suppose I just wanted an excuse to talk to him...No! I refuse to be in love with someone who will never love me back! Why couldn’t I have fallen in love with someone who isn’t one of my best-friends and my band mate, I’ll tell you why; because I’m not allowed to have an easy life!

I have a mini argument in my head over my feelings towards Liam but when he answers me, he looks into my eyes and I feel my cheeks go red and my stomach go all weird...It’s too late to deny it now...I have completely fallen in love with Liam Payne.

I am suddenly pulled out of my thoughts when Nialler screams “TRUTH OR DARE!”

Yes!  I love truth or dare! Well actually I just love doing dares!

“Yes!” I shout happily

I look over to Liam and he looks really worried...What’s up with him? It’s only a game...

“I think I’ll sit this one out...” Liam says sounding stressed

“Come on Li...It won’t be the same without you!” I say persuasively, he seems to relax a lot when I call him Li...Huh...He must just really like that nickname...

“Alright fine” Liam says, giving in

He comes back over to sit down in the circle we’ve formed, I move up closer next to Harry to make room for him beside me, he gives me a breath-taking smile before he sits down cross-legged, god he looks cute when he sits like that...Well he looks cute however he sits...He’s just a perfect person really...Stop it Lou! It’s never going to happen!

“I’m going first! Okay...Harry?” Niall says excitedly

“Oh...Yeah...Err...Dare” Harry replies hesitantly

“I dare you...To drink a whole bottle of tomato sauce!” Niall shouts, Of course Niall’s dare would be related to food...