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Dear Smartasses,

Y'all I can't even. I'm crying right now. Instead of Sarah doing her solo to 'I don't want to live forever' they pulled down a screen and played a recording they did a long time ago back when we first got our costumes.

   It was on a stage that we have at the studio, and I didn't even know it was recorded.

The Sarah stood up took the microphone and said "this dance was supposed to be with my friend, Alec who has been struggling with cancer for a long time. He unfortunately cannot dance with me today because of his cancer. He is an amazing dancer, and he deserves to be able to dance on this stage with me today."

    I was watching from backstage and Caleb pushes my wheelchair out on stage where someone starts clapping and I get a standing ovation.

     Guys I'm actually crying right now. The next recital starts in an hour and a half, so I have to pull myself together so that I can go and talk with other dancers.


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