Ch. 20: Almost A Crash and A Bang

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Ch. 20: A Crash and A Bang

After taking off into the air I don't really remember what happened. Maybe because i was focusing on not throwing up or maybe i was focusing on not hyperventilating, but at some point we were up in the air and flying Apollo speed toward Hawaii. I drifted off at some point and woke up to hear Thalia smack Conner upside the head for laughing at her face when the plane tilted side ways. Another time I woke up because Annabeths head had fallen on my shoulder.

What I didn't sleep threw was when Apollo announced we were going to have a rough landing. He announced this and all I see is Thalia go running up the aisles and crash into the seat next to Annabeth. Her face was green and she was clutching the arm rests of the seat, which was probably what i looked liked right now. Annabeth grabbed Thalia's left hand and grabbed my right hand and she squeezed both our hands to assure us everything would be fine.

The only thing wrong with that is we all didn't know that no mater if you liked planes or not we were going to be shot towards the ground at full speed and all of us were going to be screaming our heads off. Yes I was terrified yes I think I might have a heart a tack and yes i will never go in a plane again after this. I look out my window wanting to know how much time I have left before I die and see the ground coming towards us at full speed. I didn't want to look away and as we come so close to the ground i can start to see the details on the trees below us I don't have that moment before you die were you see your life before your eyes, I don't know if it was because I wasn't going to die or because all I could think as we were heading towards the ground was I was going to leave the world to be destroyed by a bunch of mad evil people who wanted to kill everyone and have no mercy.

Thalia almost broke out in tears when Apollo came over the speakers on the plane announcing that he as lost control of the plane. At the very last second we see Apollo come running out from the control pit screaming and we feel the plane straighten out. I look out the window and all I see is the plane five feet from the trees. Annabeth looks over at Apollo and says "who's flying the plane?" Apollo looks over and his face was pure shock "You wont believe who's flying the plane!"


sorry this is a short chapter, it's kind of a filler.

anyways sorry i haven't updated in a while, have been having a lot of stuff going on.

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and who do you think is flying the plane?

thanks to aria_ride for getting the answer right as guine pig

Question: Were did Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, and Grover find Nico and Bianca?

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