Chapter 41

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Bellamy's pov

"Who is here for Clarke Griffin?" I hear a doctor say.

"We are." I say and look at Abby, Atom and Octavia.

"It's bad news." The doctor says.

"Wh-what do you mean bad news. Like she has a broken bone or something?" I ask scared.

"No, it's worse. She was in a coma, her heart stopped. She's dead." I hear the doctor say.

I look at Abby, she breaks down, as well as Octavia. I start to cry. Atom says something to me, but I can't hear him. It feels like I am underwater. I don't understand what people are saying. I just hear mumbling. Everything is starting to look foggy. This can't be happening. My brain can't process the fact that I will never be able to hear Clarke's voice again, see her smile or feel butterflies in my stomach everytime she looks at me. Everything is just gone. I feel like someone is choking me. I can't breath and I start gasping for air. I run outside trying to get some fresh air. Octavia comes outside.

"I am sorry Bellamy. I know how you feel." She says and puts an arm around me.

"No you don't. I loved her Octavia." I yell at her.

"I loved her aswell Bellamy." She says calmly.

"Not like me. I thought we would start dating again. That we would get married, start a family and spend forever together. Now that all is just gone." I say and Octavia stays quite.

"You have Atom the love of your life. I don't have the love of my life because she is dead. It's my fault. I should have called 911 earlier. I shouldn't have tried to get the bookshelf of her." I say.

"I can't do this." I say and start walking away from Octavia and the hospital.

I need to get my mind of this. I need to find a distraction. Then my phone rings. I got a message from Gina.

"I miss you, do you want to meet today?" Gina messages me. She has been texting me for the past week.

"Yes, my dorm in 20." I text back.

I walk to my car and start driving. I start thinking about Clarke. No Bellamy, focus. She is gone there is nothing you can do about it. Just try and forget it. I get to my dorm and fall on my bed. Gina will be here in 10. I don't know why I asked her to come here. I just hope that she can make me forget Clarke. Even if it's for a few minutes. I will break down if I keep thinking about her. I hear the doorbell ring and it snaps me out of my thoughts. I open it and see Gina.

"Hi." I say and let her in.

"Hey." She says and smiles. I just walk back to my bed and sit down.

"Is something wrong?" She asks.

"Yes, it's Clarke. She has passed away." I say and hold back tears.

"I am sorry Bellamy." She says.

"I remember the first day I saw her. We ran into each other, literally. She was the prettiest girl I have ever seen. I stepped on her books and then kicked those to the other end of the hallway. I only did that because my friends were watching. If I could go back to that day I would do so many things differently." I say and Gina is looking at me.

"But now she is gone." I say and look down.

"I am here." Gina says and smiles at me.

'I need to feel something else than pain' I think before I kiss Gina.

A/N: Helloo guys. I am sorry about how short this chapter is. There happened quite a lot of things in this chapter. Things that were not that great. I will update next week. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. As always comment what you think and vote if you liked it. Have an amazing day/night!

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