Chapter 3: prank time

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Recap: "let's prank Trey and Jilly" I said. "Okay..." she hesitantly replied. We went to my room to do the intro. I greeted the army troops and she greeted her bardi gang and we got started.
Cardi pov:
We sat talking for a little before we heard the door open. We immediately started. " ughhh daddy fuck" I screamed. "What's my name" he asked "DADDYYYYY" I yelled. Then I heard shuffling. I was nervous cause Jilly don't play.
Jilly pov:
All I heard was moaning and that's all I had to hear. I grabbed my gun out my car and ran upstairs
Her gun

 I grabbed my gun out my car and ran upstairsHer gun

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I ran upstairs to see cardi in the bed with... ARMON . " HELL TO THE MUTHA FUCKING NAH" I screamed. "What happened sis" trey asked as he and queen ran up the stairs. Then they seen what I seen. I couldn't even stay up there . I was beyond heartbroken. Then a tear slipped down my face. "Why" I asked, tears threatening to fall. "Sis I -"
"Don't worry about it. Have fun with her. Bum ass nigga." I said in disgust. I heard people running after me and looked back to see trey and queen with armon and belcalis following behind. I jumped in my car trey and queen getting in. Then we drove off. I cried my eyes out. Why would he do this? Did he really love me? Did he care for me like he said he did? I was deep in thought when I felt a hand touch my hand. "You okay sis" trey asked. " yeah thanks big bro" I said. Then turned around and continued driving.
Incoming call: cheater
Incoming call: cheater
Incoming called: cheater
J- what armon
A-it was a prank
J- what's your point
A- come back please
J- bye
I turned the car into reverse and started heading back to the house. "Sis what happened"? Queen asked. I took a deep breath before saying "they claim it's prank". I was beyond mad. Got me crying on camera and shit. He was gonna get it. Once we arrived I walked in to see a sad looking armon. ". "Baby I-" "save it" I. Calmly said and walked upstairs to the guest room. I sure wasn't sleeping with him. Then he walked in. What the fuck do he want yo. I'm starting to get pissed off. " what armon i obviously came up here for a reason leave me al-" I was cut off by him kissing me. Don't get me wrong his lips soft but I was mad. "Armon Warren get the fuck off me lil nigga" he looked at me before pinning me down. "Listen" he said " I told you it was a prank and what u not finna do is ignore me okay. You know I love you too much to cheat on you and I know you know that so cut all that shit out". Boy his voice got deep hella quick . All I could manage to get out was "sorry daddy" and I could barely get that out. Then he began sucking and kissing on my neck. " Armon stopppppp" I said lowly. He didn't even listen. He just kept going. It took everything in me not to moan. He pulled away after about 2 minutes he pulled away. I ran to the bathroom to see a large hickey on my neck. "Armon why you do that" I whined. "Cause I felt like it" he replied.  I slowly walked out the bathroom. I walked to the door armon dead behind me. "Why u so close nigga" I said for him to only reply with a smack on my ass. "Armon stopppp. Damn" I said . Then we sat with the rest. " hey Jilly" Queen said. I seen cardi snuggled up against trey lightly snoring and trey dead asleep next to her. I quickly snapped a picture  and captioned it relationship goals on Snapchat. "Where that big ass hickey came from guhhh" Queen asked. I looked back to see armon smirking at me before looking at his phone. "Ask armon" I said. He sent me a death glare and I blew him a kiss. "She asked for it" he replied. I rolled my eyes and sit on his lap like a baby and went to sleep.
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