Last weekend to read Feeding Frenzy

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This is your last weekend to read the free draft version of Feeding Frenzy on Wattpad. It will go private on January 30 so as not to prevent me from publishing the professionally edited version in Kindle Unlimited (Amazon). I'm told that's the best way for a new writer to get her books found on Amazon. 

Don't rush if you can spare ninety-nine cents. The updated version is much better and I will be selling it on Amazon for only .99 for the first week. After that it will gradually go up to $3.99. Make sure you follow me on Amazon or at to hear about further publications. 

I have already drafted books 2 and book 3 in the Loon Lake Magic series. They will also launch to Amazon at a .99 launch price so it's worth it to stay in touch so you won't miss the early bird discount. (Isn't it crazy how writing eventually turns into selling but believe me, paying for a good cover and professional editing is not cheap!) 

I hope you will stay with me on the next phase of the writing journey. I've learned so much from my editor that I'll never go back to working alone. If you are a writer as well as a reader, I have one big piece of advice. Once you are past the beginner stage, pay for excellent editing. You will learn more that way than you will from yet another writing course. 

I'm sure learning from my editor is one reason why my latest mystery short story, "Inside of a Dog," is going to be published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. I've loved that magazine since I was a teen so it was such a thrill when I got the contract in the mail.

In the meantime, please check out my fabulous freebie. It's a prequel story to Feeding Frenzy which takes place before Tonya starts university. The URL is not pretty, but I'll also put it in the external link so you can just tap/ click to get there....

First date in magic underwear?

Blasted Bloomers

Tonya is shocked when the hunk of her daydreams asks her out. He must be toying with her, or is he? To make sure he likes her, Tonya snitches magic panties from the notorious Witch of Loon Lake. Will her risky plan end in triumph or disaster? Read this free urban fantasy book to find out. Expect a little bit of mystery, a touch of romance, and hair-raising suspense in this comic tale of Loon Lake magic.

This story is a prequel to Feeding Frenzy, set before Tonya begins university.

Loon Lake Magic Series

Prequel: Blasted Bloomers

Book One: Feeding Frenzy (March, 2018)

Books Two and Three are upcoming...

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