tag numero uno!

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^^ y'All I'm sorry, I tried to make the title sort of lit, and this is what I came up with. my dumbass needs to be gone.


R U L E S:

% title must be LIT.

% cannot refuse.

% must be done in a week or you have to post a video of you dancing.

% list thirteen facts about you.

% tag 15 people.

mhm k, let's start.

1. i hate the word moist so much. it pisses me off to a whole other level.

2. i used to dance, but a thing called school messed up my schedule and now i don't dance.

3. i live in nyc and pray to god that we can move north cause nyc sucks now.

4. used to be obsessed with bts, but then chanbaek came into my life and i was baptized with their love. (;

5. i plan to be a surgeon or a nurse.

6. i haven't had my first kiss yet. i would always kiss them on the cheek and vice versa. (y'all i got my first kiss already and have lost count of how many i've had uwu)

7. my celebrity crush is zayn malik. literally perfection.

8. im 16 and im planning to take my drivers permit.

9. i almost died in fifth grade. my dumbass started to walk across the street without even looking around and a van would've toppled over me if it wasn't for this person who is now my best friend. thanks nicole!!

10. i love playing video games on the ps4.

11. i am very awk and shy in person. when i say very, i mean veryyyy.

12. my great grandparents used to be royalty in bangladesh.

13. i used to be in my schools choir, but that was until puberty came and gave me the voice of a male.

the people i tag:
-YUTODA TRAVELKNJ cottonsoo OPPAGUKS TEONSEOK bcdwolf BYUNHEARTS iheartBaek0506 baekcn scftbbh aeraseoul fistmeyeol Princessaurora2004 EUNJIGRAM ayskopi kokodaes

if i didn't tag you, please don't be upset. i tag you from my heart. feel free to do this tag too!!

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