Chapter Thirty-One

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Damn you, ever-nagging plot bunnies ... I just can't get this one out of my head. I am focusing on one story, but I wanted to get a foundation on this new one. So, here we go ... This will be similar to Buying Love, Friends with Benefits, Mafia Princess and The One That Got Away, with shorter chapters and weekly updates: I'm planning on keeping the update schedule with this one ... Sunday updates, Wednesday teasers.

We've gotten to the compound and the next chapter will be the beginning of the battle. It will be filled with magic and violence. You've been warned ...

Chapter Thirty-One


As we got closer to the compound, the creatures weren't as abundant as magical wards. Bella used her knowledge, along with Kate, Garrett and Irina to dismantle the wards. At midnight, we got to the entrance of Aro's palace. The magic was there, but nowhere as strong as it should be. "This seems too easy," I whispered to Peter as I crouched near a fallen log.

"Arrogance," Peter reiterated. "They think their powers are infallible, when in reality, they're not."

"They use their powers for destruction," Bella said, her eyes narrowed. I could see her irises glow in a deep amber, her power sizzling just beneath her skin. "We use our powers for creation, for protection." For love.

More than just love, sihrena, I thought to her. I kissed her wrist and looked back at the foreboding entrance of Aro's compound.

"We cannot let them use their powers. We can't let them continue spreading this darkness over the world like a disease," Peter growled. He narrowed his eyes and drew out his sword. "It's time to exterminate this infestation." He blinked to Bella and me. "You know what to do. We cannot gain access through those gates without you disabling their wards of protection."

Bella built a fireball and I did the same with a ball of ice. We infused our souls into our combined powers and with a whoosh, we sent the glowing ball of energy to the entrance. It exploded, and the doors flew open, followed by a deafening silence, an unnatural silence.

The calm before the storm ...

"Now!" Peter hissed, and he took off, his blade glimmering in the pale moonlight.

We made our way into the compound. Tanya morphed into her bear form, attacking dark elves as they appeared out of nowhere. The other shapeshifters attacked the werewolves. Bella and I worked as a team, attacking the dark creatures and ending them effectively with our combined powers. Alice and Jasper used enchanted arrows, shooting the wolves and dark elves from the protective wall surrounding the compound.

Kate used her electric powers, zapping everyone in her reach and Garrett utilized his knowledge of weather control to darken the situation further, blanketing the compound with a dense fog.

"Edward, we need to get to Aro," Bella said, lighting an elf on fire. He screamed, and I froze him, destroying him with a swift kick to his midsection, shattering his frozen form. "Where is he?"

I opened my mind to her and she saw a throne room from my memory. "Can you blink there?"

"Hold my hand," she said. I did so, and I felt the world fall away and we were inside. A trio of werewolves were guarding the throne room. They were large and snarling angrily. I fell forward, turning into a lion and infusing my claws and teeth with my magic. I ran forward, sinking my teeth into the jugular of one of wolves. With a harsh twist, the wolf's neck was broken, and he fell down, dead. Bella was calling upon her powers, surrounding the second wolf in a circle of fire. I roared and blasted the wolf that Bella was attacking with subzero air, freezing the wolf. She blew up the wolf and his gore covered the dark walls.

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