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Thank you for reading this book and I hope you like it. I won't make this intro long promise☺️

 I've never written a book before so feel free to comment on mistakes and errors. But hate comments WILL  be deleted. 

So this is a BWWM romance book also know as an interracial romance book.  Where the characters are a white male and black female. So please if you don't like those kind of books you should kindly STOP reading the book.

Ok down to business guys I've taken my time to write and edit this book (still in the process of editing) so please don't steal my book and pass it off as your own. 

If you see anyone who copied my book please dm me (insta: @biishwtf) or email me at

 I haven't edited all the chapters yet it's kind of a slow process. But bare with me ok guys :)

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