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Om, Mick and I had a lengthy conversation that it almost took us the whole afternoon. Patrons start pouring into the restaurants by the time the sun starts to set.That being said, Om had to excuse himself to work. I had to tease him on how hardworking he had become. He had quite a number of employees but he is very hands-on according to Nong Mick.

Om and Mick invited me to stay for dinner for which I gladly comply. Who in their right mind would refuse good food? especially when it's on the house (ha ha ha!!! Definitely not me)

I must say Om outdid himself this time. I still can't fathom that this is the same Om who tries to put pocky on a hot pot back in high school. J Did some alien abduct the old Om and discreetly replace him with an Android Om? He he. Nevertheless, I'm not complaining at all. And if Noh is here, he will probably think the same way too ( given his love affair with food).

"Don't forget tomorrow okay?",Om reminded me as I get in my car. They invited me to the fourth-anniversary celebration of their restaurant. Per, Knott, Dong, Keng, and Palm had already confirmed their coming. Em, Rodkeng and Khom had to ask their wives first (he he he) since it's a Sunday. Phong, Ken, and Kong are tied up with some work but promises to come as soon as they could while Film is out of the country. I admire how they still manage to keep their friendship after all these years. It's one of a kind.

"I won't", I waved them goodbye.

"We'll see you tomorrow "P. Bye", Nong Mick shouted back. I give them a thumbs up as I steer my car.

I stop by the clothing store on my way back to the hotel. Its almost 9 in the evening. Gladly Nong Mick had a friend who owns a clothing store and I only have to give them my size and they can arrange a set of clothes for me. I also had to call home to let them know where I am just in case.

I quickly took a shower after I get back to the hotel.The cool sea breeze greeted me through the open door of the balcony. I made my to the balcony and sat on the floor leaning my body against the cold wall. The night sky looks so beautiful with all those twinkling stars adorning the black sky. Not a trace of dark clouds hinder such beauty tonight.It is peaceful, relaxing and soothing..

I let out a deep long sigh as I smile to myself.

"Today is a wonderful day Noh", I whisper through the air to carry out my love to where he is.


The Hawaiian luau party surely stands out even from afar. The once minimalist restaurant is now painted in different striking colors, decorated with a bunch of flowers and mini trees everywhere turning it into a miniature replica of a tropical island paradise.Strings of blinking tiny lights dangling loosely on each little palm trees exquisitely lining up in rows lit up the whole place.

The outside part of the restaurant is decorated similarly to the interior. Large coconut leaves sprinkled with flowers arched the entrance. Tiki masks hang everywhere. Tables were even decorated in grass skirts. A mini stage was set up at the center tinted with vibrant rainbow hues. A live band is already playing some island songs. There are even a two tiki bars set up on each side. Even the guests took their time and came in full Hawaiian attire.The overall vibe is very festive.

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