Seeing Him Shirtless

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These are gonna be extremely short lol


Well, you were minding your own business, honest. Walking out the kitchen, you see Gon there, holding his wet green jacket and dripping blue tank top. You didn't even care it was dripping all over your floor.

He. Was. So. Toned.

You: >/////< 😣

Gon: ('-') 😐

You then sigh, and walk up to him to give him a long kiss.


He got chocolate milkshake all over himself, and well, you just honestly couldn't take it. So he rolled his eyes, and just took off his shirt to make you happy.

You: ..hahahahahaha *giggles uncontrollably* 😆

Killua: 🤔... 😮...😏

Him, realizing what's happing, gives you a kiss. You use the time to feel his abs...


Well, you offered to do Illumi's laundry any time. He walked into your room with his shirt in his hand.

"Where should I put my clothes, love?" He asked.

You weren't paying attention to him, but his toned self. His hand, his muscles..

"AaaaHAHA!!" You had a mini freak out. (New girl reference anyone? Vid above)

He tilted his head in confusion as you sprinted out of the room.


Hisoka actually decided to sleep for once, and he happened to be crashing at your house. So you were in your pajamas, and was making some (mighty fine) ramen.

You went to pour yourself a glass of cold water to go with the hot soup. When you had the glass and turned around to pour some water, Hisoka was there, shirtless, toned, and hot as fluff.

You dropped the glass, making a shatter sound. He raised an eyebrow and smirked while you proceeded to run towards him and hop on his torso for a kiss.


~We shall pretend his jacket has always been closed lololol~

He took it to the washer, his jacket. So he sat at the base, shirtless. You didn't notice for a while. You were having a staring contest with Shizuku who just kept winning. But you were determined.

"Babe." It was Chrollo's voice behind you. "Do you want to come pick up my jacket with me?" He asked.

"Okay," You said, your eyes now watering. Finally you blinked and sighed. You started to turn around, "Your-- ....." You stared at him. Well, his build really. "... Shirtless..." You whispered.

He chuckled and you hugged his torso. "I don't wanna get your jacket"

He laughed. "C'mon, we gotta go"

You shook your head. "No."

It was a complicated trip.


You actually didn't know why he was shirtless. All you knew was that he should never put on another shirt. Ever in life. There you were, walking around the base, and there he is. Just shirtless! You put a hand at the side of your cheek, biting your lip a bit.
"Keep cool, keep cool.." You whispered. You failed and ended up kissing him to only roam your hands over his build!


Guess his shirt just mysteriously got ripped and yeah. He was holding up his jacket in front of Machi. Just when she was about to take his shirt, you were there. "No!" You yell frantically. "Do NOT! Fix that shirt! You aren't putting that back on, Phinks!"

"What? Why not?"

You hugged him tightly and sigh into his chest, "Because the world is a better place with your build in it."


Apparently, in order for him to take naps, he had to sleep shirtless. And that's what the two of your were currently doing, taking a nap. You yawned, fixing your blankets, glanced up, did a double take and froze. Your eyes widened as your lips curved up.

"Princess?" He questioned, noting your frozen state.

"I'm not staring! You are!"

He laughed, and got in bed. So you cuddled up against him, very satisfied with his toned abs and muscles. You officially had the best boyfriend in the world.

May or may not be another one coming! Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to vote! Sorry for my grammar and spelling mistakes!

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