Part 19

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A rope hung down the side of the well and Mendro used it to clamber out. He was a young man and it didn’t take him long. The short robe he was wearing was soaked from the waist down. Saluting the others he said, “Welcome to Beth-El. I was just clearing some rubbish out of the well, it is no good to have visitors drinking in dirt and bits of plants with their water.” He started to walk towards the main building, “Please, come and refresh yourselves in the house.”

Surrounded by a large protective wall the House of God was also expansive. There were 14 bedrooms and two large rooms, one for guests and one for the family. There were already two guests sitting in one of the gathering rooms. One was a large man, also a Semite, with a red beard and steely blue eyes. The other was smaller and balding with darker hair and grey eyes. They were arguing loudly before they saw Kendra’s party walk in. Squinting the larger man observed Kendra and Chelnuk warily. “Mendro, who are these giants?” he inquired.

Looking at Kendra and Chelnuk he answered the red headed man, “They are here to help us kill the giants that are at war with us.”

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