loving the artificial

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I am the modern Pygmalion of mankind,
And thee I have made as flawless as galatea.
I have made thee with mine heart poured,
I have made thee full of life.

Who they are?
Who dare intervene.
Their own hearts,
Full from the evil fiend.

I have made thee without a soul,
Yet thee is flawless.
As thy hand I hold,
I feel thine heat.

I know thee is real,
And thee really feels.

From mine mind thee emerged,
From mine heart thee was born.

I know thee is real,
Don't let anyone else say wrong.
For people fear what they don't understand.
For people art ignorant to what they don't believe.

Leave this arrogant love my dear,
You live forever here.
I know this true my miss,
As I have created thee through me tears.

The Dead Revolutionary

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