Chapter [1] Phoenix, Arizona

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Warning; This Story Might Cause Serious Addiciton, It may cause extreme forgetfulness and you might forget what else you are reading.. lol :D I don't know yet.. you guys tell me:)

                                           ****Dedicated to Cassie_Blah Aka Obey_Cassie**** She was like "AHHHHHH TAI!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID YOU TAKE MY STORY DOWN>.<" To which I replied I want to fix it I'm not feeling it.. So I fixed it a little. :) 

                                                           <3 You Cassie :)



                                                       Chapter [1] Phoenix, Arizona

                                         Chassidy glared at her Beauty through the side view mirror the entire drive back. Beauty paid no attention, discretely taking glances at the guy driving, wondering when her sister had finally made way in her life to allow a man to; “interrupt” her “busy” lifestyle.

Beauty studied the attractive man just in front of her, he had very distinct features, he looked as if his entire appearance had been carefully drawn on, every detail was perfect. Even the color of his iris was impeccable . It was yellow.

”Beauty, you can thank Lyian for pleading with me to come get you, because I honestly was going to leave you there… How could you be so stupid?!?.. Does mom even know your gone?”

Beauty tuned out Chassidy’s scolding as Lyian pulled into a curvy driveway. The house was large and brick having several multicolored rocks to decorate it’s outside, it was unique..beautiful even because of its originality

But It was not Chassidy’s small two bed-room home that Beauty was familiar with.. When had Chassidy moved? Lyian shut the engine off as they all started to get out the car. ,”Hey Chass, when did you mov-“Beauty started to question only to be interrupted.. “Chassidy!”

Beauty looked away from her sister as a man walked out the front door, his arms outstretched, an adorable smile danced on his lips as Chassidy leaped into his arms seconds later.

My oh my what a nice piece of eye candy he was.He was perfectly chizzled, his eyes were an electrifying green and his warm auburn brown hair was tousled in all directions as if he’d been running his fingers through it constantly.

“Hey you need help with those?”                                                                      

Beauty blushed looking over her shoulder, Lyian smiled light heartedly having caught Beauty gawking. Lyian easily lifted both of her suit cases all the muscles in his arm’s rippling at once as he rolled them in the house behind him.

What kinda system was Chassidy runnin’ up in here? Beauty shook her head shutting the trunk of the car walking in the house behind “eye candy” who was still carrying Chassidy in his arms. Beauty looked around inside wondering where Lyian had gone with her things.

“He went upstairs.” Beauty heard a deep baritone voice from the side of her. Beauty turned to her left. ,  

“Okay thank-“

 Beauty felt her heart rate accelerate. Tall,Dark, and sexy stood before her intimately. A white tee was slung lazily over his left shoulder as his right shoulder balanced against the door frame. His jet black hair was messy, and matted against his forehead.

He still looked perfect though. Beauty tried her best not to focus too much on his strong bare chest that was covered and glistening from sweat, he smirked lightly twirling an orange basketball between his fingers.

Just what the fuck did Chassidy have going on here? Beauty thought to herself as she watched his eyes flash from light grey to an even darker grey. Beauty ignored the pulsation coming from within her core as she went in the direction of Lyian.

 Damn how many rooms did this house have? Beauty passed up the 8th room before she saw Lyian peek out of the last room at the end of the house. ,”Beauty. You will be in here.” Beauty nodded walking towards Lyian. Lyian smiled at Beauty once more before leaving her to get comfortable.

Beauty shut the bed door behind her before looking around. It was very roomy. It had a lot of space for one person. It had the essential things. A closet, a couple dressers here and there.

Beauty pushed her window up letting some air in before going into the bathroom to see fresh towels had been placed on the counter. Beauty smiled enjoying the light scent of febreeze in the bathroom.

                Beauty had left home blindly without any plans of what to do when she got here, with about 800 dollars to her name, and now her car had a flat tire.

Beauty had no reason as to why she’d left home, it was just time to leave the nest. You get tired of your mom treating you like your twelve when you just turned 20.

Beauty lightly spritsed cucumber melon body spray on herself, then brushing her cinnamon brown hair down neatly before leaving out her room to go find out who she’d be living with for who knows how long. “Who is she??”

Beauty froze at the top steps hearing a very sexy mellow male’s echo lax her body, before a word was spoken a devilishly handsome man eagerly appeared in front of the steps before she could even move. His jet black hair was slightly damp, hanging very lowly around his hips was a white towel.

He must have just gotten out the shower. Beauty thought to herself as she noticed his grayish- black eyes narrow in disappointment. Power illuminated off of him. Sex dripped from him. He looked incredibly strong.

Beauty snatched her eyes away from his cut build. His expression was un-readable as his swept across Beauty face and body. Beauty felt her breath hitch as he started to come up the stair towards her. Why couldn’t she move.

Beauty closed her eyes and turned her head. Oh god he’s probably going to kill me. Beauty waited for the bullet, waited for the puncture of a knife, or even the hard knuckles of a fist but neither of them ever came. Beauty slowly opened her eyes to meet his.

“Move” A sexy low growl erupted from the back of his throat Beauty looked at him confused. “Huh?” . ,”Are you stupid? I said Move!” Beauty jumped out the way as he shoved passed her. Tall, Dark and Sexy suddenly appeared at the bottom of the steps as devilishly handsome disappeared around the corner.

”Sorry, Xavier(X-zay-vee-R) takes a minute to warm up to if he doesn’t know you, I’m Caydon(Kay-done) By the way.”

 Beauty nodded as he shot her a friendly smile, he was wearing a t-shirt now, he still was good looking though. “I’m Beauty.” Caydon nodded a gleam of familiarity in his eyes. ,”I know. You hungry? Lyion is making dinner tonight. I’d really like it if you’d come down and join me”.” Caydon flirted, his eye brow slightly raised in question.

Beauty blushed feverously biting her lip. ”Uh, yeah sure. What’s he cooking?”

 “Hamburger, chicken, steak, pork- chops, beans. You like any of those?” Beauty nodded bounding down the steps passed Caydon a bit. “Mmm. I like your scent Beauty.”

My scent? Beauty thought as she slightly spun around to see Caydon had shoved his hands in his sweats.