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"—ungkook. Jungkook!"  familiar voice, calling out my name. I opened my eyes, noticing I was inside a car.

"What is it, hyung?" I asked rubbing my eyes. I squirmed as I stretched my arms, looking around to see if the other members were here as I sat up straight.

"We're here, the others are waiting for us outside."

"oh, sorry to keep you waiting.." I said getting out of the car. As soon as all of us gathered, fans screamed, yell whatever they call it- at the top of their lungs.

"Hello Armys! It must be cold today. We will each give hand warmers  for you so that you don't get cold." namjoon hyung said.

the fans lined up and we gave each of them hand warmers, we talked to them about how their day was and of course, telling them to keep safe, all the time. It was the exact amount of hand warmers, making them feel glad.

the fans went back to their seats, contented about their interaction.

the fansign officialy has started, everything going smoothly.


We were now signing each of the Love Youself Album as each of the fans come up and line up and we sign it.

a fan asked me a question whoch caught me off-gaurd.
"Are you a sub bottom?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know like in gay sex? Basically, sub is the one who is submissive, the one who doesn't have control. But, being submissive doesn't exactly mean bottom. Being submissive is either top or bottom, but- it's your preference. Then there is the dom, meaning dominant- like the meaning of it is powerful and strong. Basically, the dominant one is the one who has control over the submissive one. Like the submissive one, the dominant one can also be either top or bottom. And lastly, top is the one who fucks the bottom whilst the bottom is the one who gets fucked. That's all, tea spilled."

I was pretty shook at those dirty words that came from her mouth. I blinked twice, choking in air. "E-excuse me, what?" I said then she started explaining.

I cut her in mid-sentence, getting flustered. "bold of you to assume I'm actually gay," i laughed, "hmm, i don't know? try and guess."  I said, humming.

"hey, you're supposed to answer me!" the army whined, groaning in frustration.

"too bad." I giggled, winking as I pressed my index finger to my lips.

"Darn, I almost had the chance." She said, then waved goodbye at Jeongguk then went to another member- probably asking the same thing.


 third person  p.o.v

their schedules were now finished, all of them doing their own stuff in their free time.  jungkook, jimin and taehyung played a game of overwatch together. they all made a bet that whoever loses will receive a punishment.

jungkook was so immersed in playing, his mouse moving around alot. he cussed as his knee hit the table, rubbing it with a whimper, forgetting about the game.

he looked back to the screen and saw that he lost. wait, he lost? well that's new.

"damn it, stupid fucking table." 

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